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HPD blotter for July 12
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June 8: Simple battery — An officer was dispatched to Walmart for a reported fight between employees. The manager said two employees were fighting outside of the store during their break, but she separated them upon the officer’s arrival.
The officer spoke to one of the employees, who said the fight started due to a conversation the two men had two days ago. He said the other employee threw the first punch, which caused him to punch him back.
The officer then spoke with the other employee, who said the fight started due to the other man making fun of his sexual orientation.
Another employee witnessed the fight, and he said the first employee started using racial slurs and kept approaching the second employee, who was trying to walk away from him. Then the second employee turned around and hit him, and they began to fight until they were separated.

June 9
DUI, possession of marijuana — A Taco Bell employee called 911 after witnessing an SUV suspiciously circling the restaurant’s parking lot. The officer went onto Azalea Street and observed a vehicle traveling in the wrong lane.
He pulled the female driver over and smelled alcohol. The driver’s eyes were bloodshot. She said she had one beer.  The driver did not consent to the state-administered chemical test.
When asked for identification, she said she left it at the house but was licensed in Ohio. The officer could not find her information, but she showed up suspended in Georgia and had a warrant for probation violation through Lumber City, but the city did not want to extradite her for their charges.
The officer searched through her purse and found two burnt, brown cigars containing suspected marijuana.
The woman was processed and cited, and the marijuana was taken into evidence.
Harassing phone calls — An officer was dispatched to a Hinesville woman’s residence after she said she received harassing, threatening phone calls from an unknown male.
She told him to stop calling and hung up, but he called again, saying that she should not have hung up on him and continued to threaten her.
When the officer called the received number, a male answered. The officer identified himself, and the male hung up.
The officer called again, and the call went to voice mail. He informed the unknown male of his name and badge number and advised him to stop calling the complainant.
Criminal trespass — A female Hinesville resident called an officer to investigate a possible trespass as her vehicle had a flat front right tire, and her neighbor had two flat tires on two different cars.
The neighbor stated that each tire is valued at $150. Neither resident knew who did it.

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