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HPD blotter for Nov. 24
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Nov. 12, • Burglary, no forced entry, residence, Rogers Road
A Rogers Road man told police someone had broken into an apartment he owned which was located next to his residence. The man reported it was the third burglary in a week and that a bed, two dressers and two night stands were missing. Officers observed a broken front door and the man told police it had been kicked in on the second burglary. He had not replaced it but had it standing in front of the entrance so it appeared to be repaired, according to the police report.

• Death investigation, West Oglethorpe Highway
A Mobile Home Park maintenance man told police a tenant had apparently committed suicide by hanging. The maintenance man said the tenant was to be evicted for failure to pay rent, according to the police report. He suffered medical and financial problems, the maintenance man told police.
When the maintenance man and his adult son went to assist the tenant in moving out, he would not answer their knocks at the door, according to the report. The two men used a maintenance key to enter the tenant’s home and found him dead in a spare bedroom.

Nov. 13
• Harassing communication, Oglethorpe Highway

An Oglethorpe Highway business owner told police a former employee called her office phone and claimed he had had sex with two female employees. The two female employees denied the accusation, according to the police report.
One of the employees told police her husband texted the former employee asking him to leave her alone. The former employee responded by calling her husband and repeating the accusation, according to the report. The female employee changed her telephone number.

• Obstruction of police officer, simple battery, public drunkenness, E.G. Miles Parkway
A local bar manager told police an “intoxicated and uncooperative” woman would not leave the premises after being asked to do so. The woman was yelling at the bar’s bouncers when officers arrived, according to the police report. She told police she would not go anywhere until she received medical attention to a cut on her head. The manager told police she had spit on him and told the woman he did not want her in his bar ever again.
The woman pulled away from officers, ran up to the manager who was walking back into the building and twice hit the back of his head before officers could restrain her, according to the report. She then resisted arrest by dropping to the ground and pulling her arms away from officers, police reported. The woman kicked one officer in the testicles, kicked another in the leg and bit his hand when police attempted to put her into a police car for transport to the hospital.
While at the hospital, she cursed doctors and nurses and knocked over medical equipment, police reported. The woman threatened to “kick everyone’s (expletive)” unless she was permitted to speak with her husband in Iraq, according to the report.
She was taken to the Liberty County jail after being medically cleared. Previous to her arrest, a bouncer told police the woman had hit her friend, another woman, in the face after an argument earlier in the evening. Two other men told police she punched one of them in the left eye after they told her to “get away,” and the man she hit “instinctively grabbed her by the neck and pushed the back of her head against the (bar’s) outside wall,” according to the HPD report.

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