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HPD blotter for Sept. 11
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Aug. 20, Criminal damage to property, simple assault, assault/battery, 332 Nottingham Way
A Nottingham Way man told police his wife ran her vehicle into his vehicle. Officers saw a silver Toyota Camry in the front yard just behind a red Nissan Altima, where the Camry appeared to have rebounded after impact.
Police interviewed both the man and his wife. The wife told police she and her husband had been arguing and when she attempted to leave the residence. Her husband grabbed her left forearm and her car keys out of her hands and left the residence.
She told police she heard a loud noise and when she went outside to investigate, she saw damage to both vehicles. The wife reported that her husband drove his vehicle into her vehicle.
The man told police that after he and his wife argued, his wife was the one who went outside. He told police he heard a loud noise and when he went to investigate, he saw the damaged vehicles.

Aug. 21
Leash law violation, 1717 Ashton Drive

An Ashton Drive woman told police two pit bulls entered her yard and attacked her dog. When she yelled at them, they ran away. Officers reported the pit bulls may have climbed a fence to get into the yard.
Police contacted the pit bulls’ owner, who said he did not know where his dogs were because they were “running around loose.”  
The officer said he called animal control and was told the department already had received numerous complaints about two loose pit bulls.
The officer said he checked with the woman and the dogs’ owner the next day. The woman identified one of the pit bulls that attacked her dog, but the owner said the second pit bull hadn’t returned.
The woman told police her dog had to have 10 stitches and two puncture wounds treated. The vet bill was about $250, the woman said. The pit bulls’ owner was advised to find the missing pit bull, and was cited for having a vicious dog and violating the leash law.

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