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HPD officer in patrol safety course
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FORSYTH — Patrol Officer Richard W. Boucher of the Hinesville Police Department recently completed a course in advanced traffic law conducted by the Georgia Police Academy Division of the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth. This course is required by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council for Advanced Certification.
The course provides public safety officers an overview of the laws in the Georgia traffic code that pertain to moving vehicle violations and includes updates on rules of the road, which govern how a vehicle shall be operated safely on Georgia roads. Rules of the road encompass laws governing traffic and common driving practices.
Additional topics include driver’s and vehicle licensing requirements, statewide vehicle safety inspection regulations and emission standards in appropriate counties, and factors contributing to accidents and serious offenses that result in significant property damage, injury or death.
Emphasis in the course is placed on Georgia statutes that govern the operation of motor vehicles and case law pertaining to specific offenses.
Funding for this program is provided by the State of Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

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