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Hunters told not to dump carcasses
Reward offered to those who report illegal activity
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Archery and black powder hunting already are in full swing, and with firearms hunting season kicking off Saturday, area forests likely will be filled with hunters of all ages. As with every hunting season, officials already are concerned about hunters leaving deer carcasses in public places, according to Long County Commissioner Wallace Shaw.

“We’ve had some hunters who are killing their deer and then leaving the deer carcasses on the side of the road. One of the worst areas that it has been taking place is on Horse Creek Farm Road,” Shaw said.

But that isn’t the only problem area, the commissioner said. Carcasses are turning up all over Long County.

“You can ride throughout the county and see carcasses decaying on the sides of the roads. It’s unsanitary and also inconsiderate of others who live in the county,” Shaw said, adding that anyone caught dumping carcasses will be cited.

“The county commissioners are offering a $250 reward to anyone who sees anyone doing any illegal dumping — that’s trash or dead animals. We’re wanting to stop this,” Shaw said.

There are more than 1 million acres of public land available to hunters in Georgia and more than 100 state-operated wildlife management areas. In addition, there also are many privately owned hunting clubs throughout the state. Long County has its share of both private clubs and public land for hunting.

Shaw said that most of the hunters in Long County are good sportsmen who abide by the law.

“Everyone doesn’t do this. Most of our hunters act right and discard of the remains properly. It’s a shame we have these few bad apples,” Shaw said.

Anyone who sees or is aware of anyone dumping illegal carcasses or other trash should call the county commissioner’s office at 545-2143 or the Long County Sheriff’s Office at 545-2118. The Department of Natural Resources also can be contacted at 888-373-5947.

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