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Job offer was apparently a scam
Hinesville PD blotters for Jan. 5

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Nov. 22
Burglary — A man stated he came home to his Gen. Stewart Way residence after work and was preparing to take a shower when he went into the living room and discovered a man standing in the living room and another man standing outside the front door. The two men were wearing all black and had bandanas covering their faces.
The complainant said he began wrestling with the one inside the living room, but the suspect broke free and both men fled the residence in the direction of Taylor Road. Nothing was reported missing from the residence.
The complainant said the door cannot be secured properly without engaging the deadbolt.

Attempted fraud — A woman said she was looking for employment on when she found a job posting for a medical support assistant, offered by a man named Samuel Colt. She said she applied for the job and received an email from Colt saying she was hired, and that he would send her a check to open a local office.
She said she received a check by mail in the amount of $2,775.54. She said she showed the check to her husband, who said it probably was not real. She then tried to call Colt via telephone, but he did not answer. He responded via text message and asked if she had received the check. The woman then contacted police.
Attempts by officers to contact Colt were unsuccessful. The check was entered as evidence.

Disorderly conduct — Officers responded to a disorderly conduct call at the parking lot of RadioShack on W. Oglethorpe Highway. The complainant said she had loaned money to a woman and was meeting her to obtain repayment. However, she said that when the woman arrived, she told her she was not going to repay her the money, and then began cursing at her and threatening her with physical harm.
The complainant said she stayed in her car until police arrived.

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