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LCSO blotters for Aug 13

July 21: Disorderly conduct, criminal trespass — On Live Oak Road in Hinesville, people gathered in the complainant’s yard, threatening to beat up her daughter. She said that they have done this twice. A woman the complainant knew came to the door both times and knocked aggressively. She even came to the door with a hoe in hand, wanting to fight the complainant’s daughter over a man. When asked to leave the property, the woman refused. However, the suspect said the daughter came to her house earlier to talk to the man, and the woman only came to the complainant’s house to talk to her daughter. She said the complainant came after the group with a rake and a broom. She also accused the daughter of starting the fight.
The complainant said she only used the rake and broom to defend her and her daughter.

July 23
Simple battery, family violence — Deputies were called to a house in Midway because a woman allegedly was hit in the face by another woman during an argument. However, there were no visible marks on her face, and the complainant only wanted the woman to leave rather than report her. The woman denied hitting the complainant, but agreed to leave the house anyway.

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