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LCSO blotters
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March 12
A Lake George woman called the sheriff’s office to complain that a man had been lurking around the bus stop where her juvenile son and daughter board and get off their school bus. The woman said she feared for her children’s safety because she reportedly had seen the man lurking there numerous times before and, she said, he once came to her door, knocked and ran away. The woman added that she heard a knock on her bedroom window that morning and suspected it was the same man. The complainant was given a case number.

April 2
A deputy was dispatched to a business on Ola B. Lane in Midway, where a woman said she was having difficulty with one of her clients. He reportedly pulled his pants down and told other clients to kiss his rear end. The complainant also said the man had gone to the store earlier and reportedly came back impaired. The deputy noticed the man appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and was having difficulty maintaining his balance. The man advised the deputy he had consumed two 24-ounce beers. The man was warned about continuing to cause problems at the business.

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