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Libert County Sheriff's Department blotter July 25
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Drug charges
July 10, 2007
Georgia Highway 25

While on patrol, a deputy ran a license check on a vehicle and found the tag was suspended. The deputy initiated a traffic stop and asked the driver to show his license and registration. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a $100 bill and a small, yellow-tinted bag the deputy recognized as a possible tool for holding narcotics. Deputies ran a check on the driver’s license and found it was suspended as well. The officer was conducting a search of the vehicle and found a paper folded into a square that contained a small amount of what he believed was marijuana. The driver acknowledged it was his. MACE agents were dispatched and after testing the pills found inside the bag, determined it was MDNA. The driver was arrested and charges are pending.

Injured person
July 13, 2007
Live Oak Church Road

Deputies were looking for an address in response to a reported injured person. While looking for the residence, the deputies were flagged down by someone who reported a woman had been hit by a car on Live Oak Church Road. Officers found the woman lying face down on the ground in front of 213 Live Oak Church Road. She informed officers they needed to check on her husband because he had been stabbed. Liberty EMS arrived on the scene and the officers went to the residence where they found the man bleeding from his left arm, and blood all over the kitchen and living room. The man told officers he had cut himself after having an altercation “with the kitchen sink.” The woman reported she was making pancakes and then blacked out and when she woke up her husband was bleeding. Both appeared heavily intoxicated and were taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Criminal interference with government property
July 13, 2007
Courthouse annex

Deputies reported a man became angry after discovering an office he was to visit was already closed for the day. While agitated, the man took out his frustrations by kicking the front glass door while he was exiting the building, causing damage to the door. The man apologized and told the officers he would pay for the damages. Officers informed the man what would happen if he did not take the appropriate actions to correct the damage he caused.

July 14, 2007
H. William Road

A couple reported their jewelry box and .357 Magnum hand gun were missing from a small shelf in the master bedroom of their house. The couple reportedly checked all the doors and entranceways of the house and could not determine how someone entered the home. officials did not find any evidence of a forced entry into the house. The detective unit was notified of the incident.

July 14, 2007
Fleming Loop Road

A complainant reported her single-shot 410 shotgun was missing from her bedroom. She told officers the gun was in the room in the morning. She had left for part of the day and then noticed the weapon was missing when she was cleaning her bedroom later that afternoon. A deputy examined the door of the residence and, although he observed no evidence of a forced entry, he reported he was able to unlock the door fairly easy with the use of a credit card.

Civil dispute
July 15, 2007
Pioneer Road
Gum Branch

A husband reported his wife was removing furniture from their residence and he felt it was a violation of a court-ordered temporary protection order his wife had served on him. Deputies reviewed the TPO and informed the man there was nothing in the TPO that stated she could not remove furniture. The wife claimed she has a receipt to prove she had purchased old couch and was now replacing it with a new one.

Matter of record
July 14, 2007
Fort Morris Road

A volunteer fire chief reported a red fire truck with a black top and white stripe, clearly marked as “Engine One,” being driven recklessly in the area of Sunbury Road. He said the driver was using the lights and sirens and running other motorists off the road. The chief reported he knew the driver and the person was not authorized or certified to drive the vehicle. He also reported the person was not responding to an emergency call. There were two other witnesses, one of which was complaining of the driver’s conduct and was willing to make a statement to officers if needed. The chief advised deputies the incident was an ongoing problem with the offender.
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