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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Aug. 12
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June 24: Criminal trespass — A Midway man returned to his Dave Williams Road residence at 8 p.m. to find his kitchen had been broken into. There was a hole in a window. The complainant didn’t find anything missing.
Theft by taking, misdemeanor, criminal trespass — A deputy responded to National Auto Rental on E.G. Miles Parkway regarding damaged property and stolen items. The tires and the wheels of one car were removed, a window was smashed, and the windshield on another car was cracked. The complainant estimated it would cost $430 to replace the tires and wheels and to fix the damage.

June 26
Burglary — A deputy was dispatched to a residence on Highway 196 West regarding a burglary. The complainant left his residence June 24 and returned June 26 and found a broken pane of glass in the back door. A gun and some jewelry were missing. The missing items were valued at $400.
June 28
Theft by taking, misdemeanor — A deputy responded to Highway 196 after a Hinesville resident noticed her boat’s outboard motor was missing. The complainant suspected her neighbors took it, but had no proof. The complainant’s son approached the neighbor and reportedly was confronted and threatened by five minors living there when he asked about the outboard motor.

July 1
Entering automobile — A deputy was dispatched to Live Oak Church Road after a Hinesville woman noticed $200 missing from her vehicle that was parked in front of her residence. She found her purse upside down in the driver’s seat, and the gate to the yard was chained differently than she had left it the evening before. There was no evidence of forced entry.
Criminal trespass — A deputy reported to a Parker’s gas station after a man discovered sugar in the fuel tank nozzle of his vehicle. The complainant said he parked his car at Tire Rack and later noticed the sugar when he went to get gas at Parker’s. He said he was unsure who could have done it, and the cameras at Tire Rack showed no evidence of who it could have been.
Theft by taking, misdemeanor — A deputy was dispatched to the Liberty County Solid Waste Authority in reference to stolen tires from its litter-control car. The complainant said the gate was locked when he left the evening before and when he arrived to work that morning.

July 4
Theft by taking, misdemeanor — A deputy responded to Wells Road in Hinesville after a woman discovered her medication missing. She said a man visited her residence, asking if she would sell him two Somas. She told him no, and when she woke up the next morning, she was missing a bottle of Xanax and 52 Oxycodone. The deputy went to the man’s residence. The deputy said the man grabbed the medication bottles and handed them to the complainant.
Criminal trespass, theft by taking,  misdemeanor — A Midway woman called a deputy after having a verbal dispute with a temporary roommate, which left her feeling threatened. She and the deputy told the roommate to leave and contact the complainant before returning to collect his possessions. She said he came unannounced to get his belongings and stole her gold ring. The ring was valued at $200.

July 5
DUI, possession of open alcohol container — A deputy saw a vehicle traveling 89 mph on I-95 and pulled it over. The driver would not respond to the deputy when asked questions. There was an odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle and driver, who admitted to having a few drinks earlier. There was also a half-empty bottle in the backseat. He tested positive for alcohol by a breath test and was arrested.

July 6
DUI, marijuana, possession less than 1 ounce — A deputy was running radar on Highway 84 when he clocked a car going 67 mph in a 45 mph zone. The deputy stopped the car and when making contact with the driver, he could smell alcohol on the driver, who also had slurred speech. His breath sample tested positive for alcohol. He also failed reciting the alphabet and counting backward from 35 to 14. He was arrested, and the deputy found a plastic bag of marijuana in the car.
Burglary — A deputy was dispatched to Dunlevie Road in reference to a burglary. The resident arrived to her house at 1:30 a.m. and noticed her flat screen television missing. It appeared that someone entered the residence through a bedroom window. Hand prints were found on that window.
Disorderly conduct, simple battery — A deputy responded to Ashley Creek Drive in reference to a disturbance. The complainant said she and her daughter were kayaking when a boat speeding by them caused a large wake. She approached the man driving the boat and asked him to be safer. He replied by yelling and cussing. The complainant’s husband witnessed this and went over to the man. The driver kept yelling and cussing, so the husband pushed him. The driver of the boat denies cussing and yelling at the family and said that he acted very polite when approached by the complainant. He said the husband pushed him and his friend when he approached them.

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