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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Aug. 4

Recent reports to the Liberty County Sheriff's Office include:

July 14
Criminal trespass — Blue paint was thrown onto a Hinesville woman’s car by her “soon-to-be ex-husband.” Though she did not see him do it, she suspects he did it because of their violent past. However, when the husband was contacted, he said he had been at his mother’s house all day and night. His mother confirmed this. The husband didn’t have any paint on him, nor was there an empty paint container on the property.
Domestic dispute — A Hinesville man was at a woman’s house trying to get his belongings when a deputy showed up. He told the deputy that he hadn’t left the house yet because she wouldn’t let him get his possessions. The woman said the car belonged to her, but the man said it was his. The buyer’s agreement said the car was sold to both people. The deputy told the man not to come back to the house because of the continuing problems. He also told the woman how to get the car transferred into her name only.

July 15
Disorderly conduct, obstructing law enforcement officers — A deputy responded to Pine Street in Hinesville in reference to a woman trying to fight the complainant. The complainant said she came to her house that day saying that she was having an affair with the offender’s husband. The offender admitted to going to the complainant’s house because of a Facebook post she believed was about her but didn’t contain her name. The deputy asked for her driver’s license, but she talked on her cellphone instead. After several requests, the deputy finally put her under arrest, during which she tried pulling away from him.
Harassing phone calls ­ At the jail, a Hinesville woman told a deputy that her niece had received three pictures from an unknown man. Two of them showed the man in clothing, and the other one was of him nude, but his private areas were not exposed. The picture showed the name Bryan. The information was given to a detective.

July 17
Battery, family violence (first offense) — A deputy went to Lewis Frasier Road in Midway in reference to a woman being hit several times in the face by her boyfriend. The dispute took place at Old Sunbury Road in Hinesville right after the boyfriend was heading toward the bathroom with two strippers. The complainant said she had enough, so she went to the car in order to leave the residence. Her boyfriend came out of the house yelling at her and hit her. She had a swollen cheek, lip and open wounds inside of her mouth. When she escaped, she went to Midway and called 911.

July 18
Harassing phone calls — A Hinesville woman allegedly received threatening text messages from her stepson’s girlfriend. She said the messages were in reference to a fight that happened earlier that morning. However, the stepson’s girlfriend denied sending text messages to the complainant. The deputy told the girlfriend not to speak to the complainant anymore.

July 20
Criminal trespass — A deputy was dispatched to Moody Road in Hinesville because of a report of terroristic threats. The complainant said he heard a noise coming from his front yard, opened his front door and saw a pickup “cutting doughnuts” in the yard. He knew who the person was and later received text messages from that same person saying “Yep that was me” and “Tell me how your yard looks tomorrow.” He told the deputy that when he opened the front door, he fired two shots at the truck because he was defending his property. The deputy said that he could not do that and informed him of situations where he has the right to defend himself. After the truck left the property, the complainant saw the man standing 300 feet away, telling him he was coming back to kill him.

July 21
Verbal dispute — A Midway man awaited the arrival of a deputy at a house on his family property that his brothers also were living in. He said there was drug and alcohol abuse going on in the house. He began arguing with one of his brothers about money owed from Social Security checks for the other brother. However, the brother said that the complainant has been stealing his other brother’s Social Security checks. The deputy told the two men that they need to go to the Liberty County Justice Center to figure out who has legal custody of their other brother. There was no physical violence.

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