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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Aug. 8

Recent reports filed wit the Liberty County Sheriff's Office include:

July 18
Simple battery, found contraband — A domestic dispute took place after a woman came to a Madison Drive residence to get her belongings.
The resident came home and found her there and became angry.
He chased her through the house and pulled some of her hair out. She locked herself in a bedroom, but he tore the doorknob off.
However, she exited through the window and broke the window in another bedroom and get her children out of the house.
She went to the neighbor’s house and called 911.
One officer found marijuana near the residence, but no one in the area claimed it belonged to them.
The officers were informed that the man had a warrant for a probation violation, so they arrested him.

July 22
Simple assault — A Hinesville couple began arguing and decided to go in separate rooms in the residence.
The girlfriend went to the bedroom and left the door open, but the boyfriend wanted the door closed. She opened the door after he closed it, so he threw a chair at the door, creating a hole. The girlfriend closed the door to avoid getting hit with the chair.
The boyfriend told the officer that he threw the chair, but did not throw it at her. He wanted her to close the door because he thought that would keep them from arguing.

July 23
Criminal attempt to commit burglary, residence —  An unidentified person tried to commit a burglary on Topi Trail.
The resident said he noticed the screen of his garage window was bent. However, there were no other signs of forced entry, and nothing appeared to be missing in the house.
The complainant asked for more police presence. He will be on the department’s house checklist.

Theft by taking, bicycle — A Hinesville man’s bicycle was reported stolen from his driveway.
He said it was a black and blue Takara Sugiyama flat-bar F/X bicycle with a front blue tire and a back white tire.
He went to ride it at 2:30 p.m. that day and noticed it missing.

July 24
Simple battery, criminal trespass — There was a reported domestic dispute at Raintree Apartments.
The complainant said her boyfriend, who was no longer at the apartment, got upset with her when she wouldn’t take him to the store to get beer because he had been drinking too much that day.
After arguing for a few minutes, she agreed to take him to the store.
He became angry when he got to the car because he claimed she started driving before he was fully seated in the vehicle.
As she made her way toward the entrance of the apartment complex, he yelled at her to stop the car.
She stopped and he rolled out of the vehicle. He walked back to the apartment, and she drove back. When they returned, the complainant’s mother kicked him out of the residence.
He grabbed his things and cut the spark-plug wire of the complainant’s car before leaving the complex. The complainant could not provide the officer with his location.

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