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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for August 12
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Matter of record
Aug. 2
Paul Sikes Rd., Hinesville

An officer responded in reference to a woman knocking on doors, waking people up. The officer found a woman knocking on a residence on Limerick Road and she said a woman inside the home had her purse. The subject appeared disoriented and her car was parked sideways in the driveway with the keys locked inside. The officer asked her several times to call someone to come move the car but she said there was no one to come get it. The officer discovered her license had been suspended. He had the vehicle towed and took the woman to her mother’s house.

Drug possession
Aug. 3
Paul Sikes Rd., Hinesville

While patrolling in the area of Highway 84 and Kent Road, a deputy saw a vehicle with no tag. The officer activated his emergency lights and saw the driver throw several small bags out of a window. When the vehicle stopped, the officer asked the driver about the bags and the man said it was trash. When asked for his license and registration, the driver said he didn’t have it. The officer placed the man in the patrol car and then returned to find the bags. He found one of the small plastic baggies and the man said it contained vitamin C his wife prepared for him. He also said he tossed it because he didn’t want the officer to think it was drugs. The substance tested positive for cocaine and the subject had an active warrant for failure to appear. A further search revealed two pills called Eflexor XR, in the center console. The suspect was charged with possession of dangerous drugs and his car was towed.

Armed robbery, burglary
Aug. 4
Holmestown Loop, Midway

A complainant reported a man entered his home through an unlocked door, put a gun to his head and said he would kill him. The complainant said the offender wanted money. The complainant gave him the money in his wallet, about $200. The offender also hit the complainant on the head with his fist during the incident. A detective was notified.

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