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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for July 14

June 26: Simple battery — An officer was called to a disturbance on Deer Trail Lane in Midway. The complainant said her friend came over drunk at 6:30 a.m. They hung out all day until the friend wanted the complainant to get off the phone and go for a walk with her. The complainant said no, which made the friend mad, and she began swinging at her.
The friend hit the complainant in the right temple with a broom, which swelled the complainant’s face. The friend also messed up her yard.
A search for the friend was unsuccessful, and the complainant was advised of the situation.

July 1
Runaway juvenile, underage drinking — A concerned mother came to the sheriff’s office because her daughter had been picked up by a friend without permission. She said the daughter went to a pool party but was unsure of the party’s location.
The daughter returned home later that evening, told her mother where the party was and admitted she had been drinking.
The young girl was present with her mother at the sheriff’s office and gave the deputy the address of the party and the names of the girls who picked her up.

DUI, weaving over roadway — A deputy driving on Highway 38 by Walmart saw a car going fast and weaving. When the deputy pulled the car over, he smelled alcohol. The driver told the deputy that he hadn’t been drinking, but then he admitted to having one drink an hour prior. He was asked to give a breath test and perform field sobriety tests. The results revealed that the driver was over the legal limit of alcohol.

July 2
Possession of open container, improper transfer of decal — When a blue Chevrolet Impala passed a deputy, the license-plate reader system alerted the deputy that the car’s owner had no insurance and a suspended registration.
Once the car was pulled over, the deputy found the driver’s North Carolina license was suspended as well.
The decal on the license plate was for the wrong car and belonged to someone who lives in the same apartment complex as the offender.
The deputy found a half-full bottle of Bud Light on the floorboard of the car.

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