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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for July 18
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Matter of record
July 1, 2007

A complainant reported finding two men inside her residence. The men said the owner of the house sent them there to repair the plumbing. The complainant said no one notified her the men were coming or that they would be able to get inside the house. The owner provided a copy of the lease to officers that stated no notice was needed for repairs or inspections of the property. Officials advised this was a possible civil matter to be handled in Magistrate’s Court.

Simple battery
July 2, 2007
Ola B Lane

An altercation between two men about money and a girl was reported. One of the men claimed he was beaten on his head and had his vehicle keys removed from his car’s ignition and not returned. They were advised on warrant procedures.

Fleeing, DUI, theft
July 2, 2007
East Oglethorpe Highway

The management of Applebee’s reported a customer left without paying for her meal and was visibly drunk. They provided a tag number and description of the vehicle and a deputy was able to locate and pursue the car. Deputies reported the driver went through two red lights in an attempt to elude the officer. The driver finally stopped in front of Kroger’s after hitting a curb. She was arrested. Deputies reported detecting a strong odor of alcohol and when they looked inside the car found an open beer bottle in the center console. The offender was informed about the implied consent law and was placed in the back of the squad car where she passed out while en route to jail. Once there, she consented to a breath test, but passed out before taking the test. Officers woke her up, asked her if she would consent to a blood test and then took her to Liberty Regional Medical Center for the test. After being medically cleared, she was taken back to jail and booked.

Simple battery/
disorderly conduct
July 4, 2007
Lake Drive

An argument broke out when a man, who had borrowed a woman’s car, did not return it in a timely manner. The man had an active temporary protective order against him requiring him to stay away from the woman. Officers were unable to locate the man who left the area before they arrived.

July 4, 2007
Highway 84 at Sheppard Drive

A deputy saw a vehicle in front of his patrol car weaving across the road and failing to maintain its lane of travel. The officer initiated a traffic stop and the driver of the vehicle, attempting to pull over, crossed over the sidewalk and into a parking lot. The offender stepped out of the vehicle and staggered over to the officer and, when spoken to, had very slurred speech. A breath test showed a reading of .245. She was booked and processed.

Obstruction of a law officer
July 4, 2007
Peter king Road

A man, who left the scene of a wrecked he caused in a stolen vehicle, was found hiding under a bed at a friend’s house. He was arrested and taken to Liberty County jail.

—Patty Leon

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