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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for July 23

Recent reports filed by deputies at the Liberty County Sheriff's Office include:

July 6
Harassing phone calls — A Hinesville woman was having problems with her ex-boyfriend, who had been told by another deputy not to contact her anymore. The ex-boyfriend called her from a blocked number and said, “I don’t want to take you to court, and I don’t want you to take me to court.” She immediately hung up and called 911. The deputy told her to block his number.

July 7
Simple battery, pointing gun at another — A deputy went to Greenwood Turn in reference to a domestic dispute. The complainant, who was fighting with her boyfriend, said he hit her in the face several times. She grabbed a .22-caliber rifle to defend herself, but the boyfriend took it from her and hit her in the head with the barrel. She left the house and called 911. The boyfriend told the deputy that they were only fighting verbally until she brought the gun out, which he was trying to take away from her. While escorting the girlfriend to the patrol car, she was standing by her mother and asking if she had something, but the deputy could not hear what she was asking for. He saw her mother hand a pill to her, so he grabbed her wrist and saw an Alprazolam drop out of her hand. Both the girlfriend and boyfriend were taken to jail.

Criminal trespass — A deputy went to Jag Lane in Midway because of a woman’s friend on her property. He called her earlier in the day and told her that he was coming over and for her to come outside, but she said no and hung up the phone. Later that day, she heard glass break outside. Her friend was standing by her car with a hammer. He also stabbed her tires with a knife. After that, he left the area in a silver Acura.

Burglary — A deputy was dispatched to Lance Concrete in reference to a burglary. When he arrived, he saw scrape marks on the hasp where the lock had been on a storage container. Two concrete saws were missing from the container. The complainant said he last saw the saws Friday when he and another man locked them up. The deputy was unable to contact the other man. The complainant said a family member of the other man told him the other man had packed up his things and was leaving to an unknown location.

July 8
Obstructing law enforcement officers, driving without license — A car without taillights was stopped in the Revolutions parking lot. While pulled over, the driver couldn’t find her license. She gave her name and date of birth to the deputy, but he couldn’t find her record. She said she left her license at her friend’s house, so the deputy followed her there. However, she was unable to find it there as well. She admitted to giving the deputy false information and was arrested.

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