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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for June 14
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May 29: Public drunkenness — Two deputies were called to the residence of a Hinesville man after another man entered his yard and began making advances toward the complainant’s girlfriend. An altercation also occurred the night before between the two men. The complainant’s girlfriend allegedly was hit by the suspect. When the deputies looked for the suspect, they found him riding his bicycle at the intersection of Dogwood Lane and Wayside Turn. There was a strong odor of alcohol on the suspect, and the deputies asked if he would consent to an Alco-Sensor test, to which he said yes. His B.A.C. was a 0.145, and he was arrested.

Disorderly conduct — A deputy was sent out to Leroy Coffer Highway in Fleming after a man had purchased a Greyhound bus ticket, but the driver refused to let him on the bus. The complainant confessed to making racial comments, but they were not directed toward the bus driver. The driver, however, said the complainant was disrespectful toward him and that the racial comments made were directed toward him.

May 30
Financial transaction card fraud — A Midway woman reported to a deputy that she had been notified by an Atlantic Coastal Bank employee of suspicious activity on her account. Information obtained on two print-outs from the bank indicated that someone from Peoria, Ariz., accessed her account and made two separate withdrawals totaling $164.17.
The complainant immediately canceled her account and allowed the bank to shred her existing card.

Civil matter — A deputy was dispatched to a residence in Hinesville due to a disturbance. The woman living there reported that she wanted her adult son out of the house. The son reported that he plans on moving but can’t at the moment.

May 31
Theft by taking – felony — A Midway man told a sheriff’s deputy that he suspected his son stole two kinds of medication from him, hydrocodone and adderall. The complainant said he had just had his prescriptions refilled when he noticed part of one medication and all of the other medication were missing. The man said no one else had been in his house, other than his wife and grandchildren.

Criminal trespass, disorderly conduct — A Fleming woman reported to a deputy that a man crossed onto her property despite “No Trespassing” signs present. He walked up her driveway shouting, to which the woman told him to leave her property. He departed the area only to return several minutes later, again shouting and yelling obscene and vulgar phrases. The woman, armed with a pistol, walked down her driveway to inform the man that she was armed and once again told him to leave her property. He walked away and continued to yell obscene phrases toward the woman. Once he reached the street, he fled on foot. He was not on scene for an interview.

June 1
Burglary — A Riceboro woman reported her house was broken into and her TV stolen between 6 p.m. and midnight. Other electronic items in the living room were disconnected but still in place. After further inspection, the front door appeared kicked in. The responding deputy identified a footprint on the door, a tire tread in the front lawn and a turn-out in front of the residence that provides easy access onto E. B. Cooper Highway. The complainant retrieved the TV’s serial number for the detective’s office.

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