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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for June 27
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Drug charge, June 6
Georgia 405, Liberty County

A deputy pulled over a vehicle for failing to maintain its lane. As the deputy approached the driver, he smelled what he thought was marijuana from the vehicle. The deputy asked the driver to step out and show his driver’s license. A check of the license revealed it was suspended. The deputy asked the driver if there were drugs or weapons in the car and the driver admitted there was some marijuana in the trunk along with two loaded pistols. Officers recovered the evidence that was turned over to MACE agents and the driver was arrested.

Arson, June 9,
Shaw Road, Hinesville

A woman reported she asked a man to leave her house because he was extremely drunk. She later saw the man walking across her yard with a gas can and asked him about a noise she heard. He reportedly said, “Your boyfriend’s car is gone.” She saw the hood and roof of the car were on fire. She grabbed a hose and put out the fire. When she returned to her residence, the man was gone. She was advised of warrants and the case was turned over to Liberty County Fire Coordinator James Ashdown.

Weapon/car-jacking, June 11
Highway 196, Hinesville

A complainant told officers someone had stolen his Ford pickup. Hinesville officers saw the truck and tried to stop it. The suspect jumped out and ran. It is reported he tried to get into another vehicle but police were able to pepper spray and subdue him. He was taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center for decontamination and later taken to jail. During the investigation, police reportedly found the suspect was a convicted felon and had been in possession of a weapon. He was cited with violations.

Battery/disorderly conduct, June 11
Sheppard Drive, Allenhurst

A man reported his brother punched him in the face and threatened to kill him. He said his brother was drunk.

Abandoned vehicle, June 13
Old Sunbury Road, Midway

Deputies found an abandoned, white Chevy with its tires missing and the passenger window rolled down. Inside, the vehicle was covered in what deputies thought might be blood. After investigating the area, the vehicle was towed and the trunk was opened. They found what they believe to be more blood on the lip of the trunk. A check of the VIN showed it was registered to a couple from Shreveport, La.

—Patty Leon

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