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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for March 14
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Feb. 20: Driving without a valid license (felony)/speeding — A deputy stopped a red Dodge Durango that was traveling at 76 miles per hour in a posted 55 zone. The woman did not have a valid license and was taken to jail.

Criminal trespass/verbal dispute — A woman had left the back door of her Dunlevie Road home unlocked because her husband didn’t have a key. She said she thinks someone might have entered her home and later busted out through a bathroom window. She said the window was broken from the inside out. Fearing someone might still be in the house, she ran to her neighbor’s house and called police. A few hours later, deputies were called back to the same home. The woman said she wanted her husband, who was the one who broke the window, to leave. She said she was tired of arguing with her husband throughout the day and the only way she knew to get rid of him was to call the cops.

Feb. 21
Argument — An argument erupted between two women who disagreed on how they were going to prepare an elderly woman for a DFACS appointment.
One of the women, who lives at a Joyner Road address, said she had no desire to help her grandmother get dressed and argued with the grandmother’s appointed caretaker, saying it was her job to do the task.
The caretaker said she just needed assistance in getting the woman up and dressed and that it was important that family remain involved in caring for the elderly woman.
The granddaughter refused, and an argument ensued. The caretaker later told the deputy they were preparing the elderly woman for her appointment at DFACS to discuss her ongoing complaint of being abused at her residence.

Disorderly conduct — A woman complained that she felt threatened about her neighbor allowing her dogs to run loose in the neighborhood.
The Midway woman said her neighbor threatened her. However, the neighbor said she was just responding to the woman’s threat that she was going to kill her dogs.

Matter of record — The manager of Parkers Service Station on East Oglethorpe Highway called in deputies after discovering someone left a loaded handgun in the men’s restroom. The gun was found in an open toilet-paper holder.

Theft by taking — A man reported that his bicycle was taken from his Wells Road home.
The victim later reported he found the bike in a ditch off Highway 196 and thinks neighborhood kids might have taken his bike for a joy ride before dumping it on the side of the road.

Driving with suspended license — Deputies received a radio call from Pierce County authorities advising them to be on the lookout for a white Chrysler that was being reckless and was headed toward Leroy Coffer Highway in Liberty County. A deputy on patrol in the area spotted the car matching the description and clocked it going above the speed limit.
When they ran a check on the car the deputy discovered that the man had his license suspended for failing to appear in court. He was arrested.

DUI — A deputy clocked a red van driving down Freedman Grove Road and initiated a traffic stop for speeding. The driver of the van immediately pulled over and got out of the van. The deputy asked the male driver to step back into the vehicle, but the driver had a hard time opening the van’s door. As the driver searched for his license and registration, the deputy detected an odor of alcohol and asked the driver if he had been drinking. The man said he had a few drinks about an hour earlier. However, a breath test revealed he had .127 blood-alcohol level. The man was arrested.

Feb. 22
Criminal trespass — A man was arrested after he refused to let his wife leave their Dogwood Lane home. The man was extremely drunk and during the argument, he kicked the passenger-side mirror of her car, breaking it.

Feb. 23
Obstruction or hindering law enforcement/possession of a controlled substance — A woman had to be tased after she repeatedly kicked and thrashed at officers who responded to a call about a verbal dispute between two women at an Oak Drive residence.
The woman kept backing away from officers while trying to hide something in her pockets.
A deputy kept asking her to pull her hands out of her pockets. Instead, the woman kept saying, “I’ve got something for you,” making the officer wonder whether she was trying to hide a weapon.
The deputies had to wrestle her to the ground to get handcuffs on her wrists.
The woman kept kicking and putting her legs in a position that didn’t allow the deputies to place her in the back of the patrol car.
The deputies kept warning the woman that if she didn’t cooperate, she was going to be tased.
After being stunned, she cooperated and deputies found her in possession of a controlled substance.

Burglary — A woman reported that someone gained entry to her County Line Road home by breaking open her bedroom window. Among the items stolen was a safe that had $8,000 cash in it.
The woman said only two people knew she had the safe and where she kept it and also knew she would be away for the weekend.

Driving without a license/slower traffic must keep to the right — A man who previously received fines and citation for being a super speeder was arrested when he was found driving without a license.
The man was pulled over for going too slow in the left lane.

Feb. 24
Driving with a suspended license/speeding — A deputy spotted a Kia Optima traveling at what appeared to be a high rate of speed on Georgia Highway 405.
The deputy activated his radar and clocked the vehicle traveling at 93 miles per hour in a posted 70-mph zone.
The driver, a resident of South Carolina, told the deputy he didn’t realize he was traveling that fast because he was having a flash back.
The deputy said there were several prescription bottles in the vehicle, most clearly visible on the passenger seat.
The driver said he suffers from PTSD and recently had a heart attack, hence the medication. The man said had not taken his medication that day because he was driving from Miami back home.
The deputy ran the man’s driver’s license and discovered it was suspended indefinitely due to failure to pay citations.

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