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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter July 4
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Theft by taking, June 12Family Road, MidwayA complainant reported last seeing her motorcycle in her yard at 2 p.m. June 11. When she returned home on June 12, it was gone. Deputies stated they chased someone riding the motorcycle the night before, but the person tried to cut through a yard and wrecked. The offender then ran into the woods.Criminal trespass, June 14Oglethorpe Highway, MidwaySomeone keyed and damaged both passenger doors and the rear quarter panel of a jeep. The complainant said she did not know who would have caused the damage.Armed robbery, June 14Dunlevie Road, AllenhurstA worker at a laundromat reported a man pulled a handgun on him and ordered him to give him everything he had. The worker handed over $40 and the offender left in a white Buick.Simple batteryJune 15, 2007Melvin Lane, HinesvilleA complainant went to a neighbor’s house to talk about a problem he was having with their children taking things from his property. While at the house, the children began to hit the complainant and get into his car.Battery/disorderly conduct, June 15Highway 196, HinesvilleTwo men, who were fighting, had to be separated by deputies. Warrant procedures were explained and officers left. About five minutes later, they were called back to the house because one of the men returned and attacked the other. He was arrested and taken to jail.Accidental damage, June 16Georgia 405, Liberty CountyA man’s car was damaged when a tractor-trailer crossed into his lane. The complainant said he was forced into the emergency lane, causing him to hit a barrel barricade.Drug chargesHighway 84, FlemingtonDeputies stopped a Ford truck that was seen driving erratically out of the parking lot of Liberty County High School. The driver produced a Florida ID because his license was suspended. When questioned, he said he had just left a bar. A deputy noticed the driver and his female passenger seemed to be under the influence of something and discovered they had prescription bottles of Xanax, Darvocet and a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine. The prescription was not in either of the offenders’ names. MACE agents were notified to collect the evidence. Burglary, June 20Highway 196, HinesvilleA complainant reported someone pried open her front door and took items from the house. She said she heard someone try to pry the door open at about 3 a.m. while she was on the phone with a friend. She stated she was afraid of calling 911 and looked out the window and saw men with handguns and flashlights. She left the home the next day and returned to find the front door open.
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