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Liberty County Sheriffs Office blotter
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Dec. 5: Simple assault, stalking — A high-school couple argued in a school parking lot about resuming their relationship. The girl said the boy punched her car window as she drove off and then followed her in his vehicle and cut her off. She tried taking a different route, but said the boy was waiting for her. He reportedly rammed her car head-on, causing damage to both vehicles. The girl told the responding deputy that she had multiple threatening texts from the boy saved on her phone. The girl’s father reportedly had a peace bond against the boy. The girl was advised to save the texts, which might be evidence the boy had violated the terms of the peace bond.

Dec. 6

Possession of a schedule 1 controlled substance — A Savannah man was stopped for speeding by a Liberty County deputy. When the deputy approached the driver’s window, he could smell marijuana. He asked the 23-year-old man to get out of the car, telling him he could smell marijuana in the vehicle and asking him if there was anything he might find when he searched the car. The suspect admitted there was a gun in a bag on the passenger’s seat. While searching the suspect, the deputy found $3,000 cash. Additional searching found two red pills in his shoes. The suspect said they were ibuprofen, but they were later identified as MDMA (aka ecstasy). He was told he was being arrested for that controlled substance and would be further searched at the jail. He then admitted he had a baggy of marijuana stuffed between his butt cheeks.

Dec. 8

Simple assault, obstructing or hindering law-enforcement officers — A woman complained that an argument she was having with her brother escalated and he threw a bottle of dish detergent at her. The complainant said she was six months pregnant and expressed concern for her unborn child. The suspect went outside and tried to walk away, but the deputy told him to stay. He tried to leave anyway. The deputy escorted the man back to his patrol vehicle, but the man became loud and irate. The suspect was cuffed, issued a citation for obstruction and taken to jail.

Dec. 11

Arson — A deputy was called to Butter Blount Road regarding a dog house that reportedly had been burned down. The complainant also said the shed next to the dog house had been entered, though nothing appeared to be missing. The complainant said she was suspicious of a person she had been feuding with for years. An arson investigator was notified of the incident.

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