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Long County E911 addressing nearly done
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GeoComm GIS specialist Karl Lawson informed those present at the Long County E-911 meeting July 26 the addressing for the county was nearly complete.
“The spread sheet with the new subdivisions and address points have been entered, and the second one will be complete soon,” Larson said.
He noted the next step will be to match the fieldwork GPS points and surveys collected from the residents with the post office edit sheets of all mail recipients.
County Commissioner Mike McGowan asked when the county could expect the addresses to be sent out for the initial notification.  
Larson said possibly this month but probably in September.
GeoComm Account Manager Deb Blanchard, said she would to expedite the conversion from the old addresses to the new ones but estimated it would take about a year.
Considering it may take the post offices a year to make the change, McGowan asked how that would affect the timeline for completing the project?
According to Blanchard, the system would still be able to be completed and the E-911 system could go online because the database would have already been built.
McIntosh County, which is joining Long County in the project, was scheduled to begin sending their initial address notifications in August, but still had several radio surveys to be sent to GeoComm for review.
Blanchard said once both counties entered the database phase of the project, they should progress towards completion at a similar rate and finish at about the same time.
The next meeting was scheduled for 3 p.m. Aug. 30.
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