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Long County Sheriff's blotter for July 20
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Driving with
a suspended license
July 7, 2007
Georgia State Road 57

A driver approached a safety checkpoint on Highway 57 at mile marker 57 and was unable to produce a valid driver’s license. A background check indicated the driver had her license suspended in Florida for an unpaid traffic ticket. She was arrested and taken to the sheriff’s office for processing.

without a valid license
July 7, 2007
Georgia State Road 57

A driver approached a safety checkpoint and deputies detected a strong odor of alcohol from inside the vehicle. Deputies found an empty 12-pack of beer bottles in the passenger seat. Officers performed a field sobriety test and determined the man to be unsafe as a driver. He was read the implied consent and a breath test was performed and a result of .087 was indicated. He was cited.

Criminal trespass
July 8, 2007
Horse Creek Road

A complainant informed the sheriff’s office she heard four gunshots late at night and when she woke up the next day, she found a bullet hole in the back of her well-pump house. Officials did not find the bullet.

July 9, 2007
Country Manor MHP

A complainant reported someone had pried open the back door to their residence and taken a Bosch electric router and a Glock 9mm handgun. The complainant told police the Glock was kept in a bottom drawer of a nightstand.

Domestic dispute
July 10, 2007
Oak Road

A complainant reported her husband was rough with her and was inspecting her clothing, accusing her of being out all night with other men. The complainant said she had just returned home in the morning from the hospital and went to take a bath when her husband barged in and was verbally abusive and yelling profanities at her. She told officers she wanted to separate from him so he could get his head together and that if he wants a divorce, as he has said, she would grant one.

Domestic dispute
July 14, 2007
Smith/Cox Road

An altercation between a husband and wife spilled over into their daughter’s bedroom and as the daughter intervened to separate the two, she was pushed against the dresser, causing her TV and Direct TV  receiver to fall and break. The altercation ended when the mother-in-law stood between the two parties and stopped the shoving match.

Sexual battery
July 16, 2007
County Line MHP

Sheriff officials are investigating a reported incident where a neighbor allegedly walked uninvited into a woman’s house and pinned her up against the couch and began to grope and kiss her. The woman was able to get away from him and leave out the front door.

—Patty Leon

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