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Ludowici Police Department blotters
ludowici police

Reports filed with the Ludowici Police Department June 29 through July 7 include:

July 4
Shoplifting — A man was reported by the clerk at the Flash Foods on East Cypress Street as having walked out of the business with a 20-ounce Coca-Cola in his right front pocket. The unknown suspect got into the front passenger seat of a dark car when he left the store. A woman at the counter said she did not know the man when the clerk asked her who he was. However, the woman got into the driver’s seat of the car and drove away after paying for her items.

Credit card theft — A woman went to the police station to report that her credit card had been stolen and used to make charges to her account. This case is currently under investigation.

July 3
Assault — A man complained that around 11:30 a.m., while he was going to visit a friend at her residence, he was verbally accosted by a man in her yard. The suspect then tried to punch the complainant and he dodged it. The complainant then grappled the suspect to the ground. The suspect ran off afterward. 

Damage to vehicle — Officers responded to an address at Sandalwood Terrace on Fourth Street where a man said he was sitting in his apartment when he heard loud noises outside. The victim went to the front door quickly, but did not see anyone outside. He then walked to his pickup and saw dents and scratches to the tailgate. The air pressure in the tires also appeared to be lower than it was earlier.

Public announcement
The U.S. Air Force will conduct communication training in Ludowici in the near future, according to police Chief Robert Poppell.
During the training, personnel will be at various places around the city, though they are not supposed to go on private property.
If service members cross onto your property by mistake, notify police at 912-545-2222, and they will be removed.

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