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MACE makes several drug arrests
MACE blotter
0812 MACE drug bust1
MACE agents confiscated drugs, a digital scale, cash and other paraphrenalia from a house in The Pines at Willowbrook. - photo by Photo provided.
July 5
According to Multi Agency Crack Enforcement Drug Task Force Commander Al Cato, Liberty County Sheriff Deputy Sgt. Shawn Fields, Jeff Dawson and a few deputies were called out to Billy’s Place store off Billy Carter Road because the manager and an employee allegedly were selling alcohol on a Sunday. MACE agent Chris Reid responded and determined the convenience store didn’t have a license to sell beer or liquor.
Authorities reported the store shelves were stocked mostly with alcohol, which was confiscated and tagged as evidence. The agent removed the store’s business license.
Owner Gloria Brown and employee Cherial Ceron had a hearing on July 28 and Liberty County commissioners will determine whether the store’s license will be revoked. During the first hearing, Brown claimed she’d been having a private party, charging for water and soft drinks but giving beer away for free. She allegedly spent $2,000 on alcohol.
Brown was charged with sale of alcohol without a license and Ceron was charged with sale of alcohol on a Sunday, both are misdemeanors.

July 17
Responding to citizens’ complaints, MACE agents arrived at Paul Simmons’ house in The Pines at Willowbrook in the early morning hours armed with a warrant. Agents knocked on the door for nearly six minutes.
Not knowing the house was surrounded, Simmons, 28, poked his head out the back window. After he realized he couldn’t escape, agents said Simmons eventually opened the front door. According to Cato, agents smelled what they believed to be marijuana as soon as they entered the house.
Simmons was arrested and found in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He allegedly had 50 grams of crack, a pound of marijuana, $591 in cash and digital scales. Simmons has outstanding probation warrants in Savannah and is wanted in Richmond Hill for undisclosed charges.
Simmons’ female friend, Ebony Deckle, was also arrested. They are both charged with trafficking cocaine (two counts), possession with intent to distribute marijuana (two counts), possession of cocaine within a 1,000 feet of public housing, possessing tools of the crime and obstruction.
The agents also noticed several TVs in the small apartment and started to run serial numbers. They discovered some of the items were stolen and the pair will be charged with theft by receiving stolen items.
The agents loaded the evidence and then went to lot three at Shady Oaks mobile home park on Highway 84 to respond to complaints against Ridge Miller, who was on probation. Agents found suspected marijuana residue throughout his house and on top of a set of digital scales. Agents also found nine ecstasy pills. Miller and his girlfriend, Alexis Fleming, were charged with possession with intent to distribute MDMA, possession of tools of the crime and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Miller had $597 in cash and agents found an M-16 magazine that was loaded with rounds, a .380 pistol magazine round and some stray ammunition, but no weapons were found. Fleming was later released on her own recognizance because she is about seven months pregnant.

July 27
Agents were called by HPD patrol to assist at 327 Beverly St. where James Switzer, a soldier, called 911 claiming he was being held against his will at his house by three or four people, one of whom had a handgun. The subjects fled, but authorities picked up three of the four subjects.
In Switzer’s apartment authorities found a misdemeanor quantity of marijuana, amounting to about three grams. Authorities think Switzer owes a drug debt, which might have led to the encounter.
They charged Switzer with possession of marijuana. Agents also found what they believe was cocaine residue and sent it to be tested. Charges are pending. HPD investigators also confiscated items from the apartment.
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