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Man drowns in Long County
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LUDOWICI — A Glennville man drowned Monday while fishing with his wife in northeast Long County.
Jerry Dale Kennedy was found dead in a pond, according to Long County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Robert Berry.
Berry said Kennedy, 62, and Connie Kennedy went fishing in a small boat at around 9:30 a.m. on a private pond on The chief deputy said Connie Kennedy, 59, reported that around 10:20, her husband stood up in the boat and appeared to lose his balance. He grabbed a tree limb for balance, but the limb broke and he fell into the water.
According to Berry, the wife said her husband tried to swim, but was unable to.  The chief deputy said she managed to get the boat to shore and ran through a wooded area to call for help.
Berry said LCSD Deputies Cody Futch and Robert Parker responded to the call, finding Kennedy floating about 10 feet from shore.
The deputies, Long County Fire Department Chief Darrell Ballance and Deputy Edward Pitts removed Kennedy from the water.
According to Berry, Kennedy was reported to be a poor swimmer, and was not wearing a life jacket. Barry also said the pond is up to 30 feet deep in areas.
He said Connie Kennedy was uninjured, except for scratches from running through he woods.
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