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Man runs vehicle into Flash Foods, runs away leaving mother behind
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The Pontiac Montana driven into the front of a Hinesville convenience store. No one was injured.


Police say a man who struck the front of a service station in Hinesville fled the scene after the accident leaving behind his elderly mother.

According to Hinesville Police Department Star Corporal Donnie Nunnally, the man who has not been identified was driving a Pontiac Montana with his mother in the passenger seat shortly after 7 p.m. when he was attempting to park in the handicap parking space in front of the Flash Foods Service station located on the 700 block of East Oglethorpe Highway.

Nunnally said the man exited the vehicle but then realized he had not put it into park.  Jumping back into the vehicle the man apparently stepped onto the gas pedal sending the vehicle into the front of the store.  Nunnally said the man did not have a license and was wanted on a warrant.

According to Flash Foods clerk Lindsey Blackburn, who was in the process of checking out Alexis Victorian, after the man’s vehicle struck the building, knocking down bricks and breaking the window, he went into the store and allegedly told Blackburn he wasn't paying attention and stepped on the gas pedal.

The man allegedly told Blackburn his elderly mother was driving before he darted across East Oglethorpe Highway towards the Econolodge.

Blackburn and Victorian were not injured despite glass hitting Blackburn.  Victorian said she jumped out of the way just before bricks which became loose landed where she was standing.

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