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Men knocked unconscious, woman steals wig
Hinesville PD blotter

From Hinesville Police Department reports.

Burglary: A Rowe Street man reported Tuesday someone broke into his home and stole a 32-inch TV, a 60-inch TV, Whirpool washer and dryer, and four 22-inch “Verde custom rims,” two with tires, two without.

Theft: An officer was sent to America’s Best Value Inn Tuesday because a woman stole two large towels and a smart TV remote. The manager said the woman, who is banned from the motel but was there because a man rented her a room, refused to leave when housekeepers went to clean. The woman then went to the front desk and accused motel employees of stealing her iPad and laptop.

She left before police showed up.

Theft: On Monday an officer was patrolling Eagle Creek Mobile Home Park when an employee told them he got a call from a tenant because his power was out. “(The employee) said that when he went to check on the power issue (at that trailer) … he noticed the AC unit was gone and the power cable was cut,” the report said.

Taken was a Grandaire three-ton package unit air conditioner valued at $3,063.

Simple battery: Police were sent to a Jeanette Circle address Wednesday because of a domestic dispute that “resulted in a male being knocked unconscious.”

There, police found a woman, her sister, and the woman’s husband, who was still knocked out.

It turned out the husband tried to get his wife to calm down after she had a panic attack and she, “using her phone as a weapon, began hitting (her husband) in the back of the head with it until he let her go,” the report said. The man passed out after about 30 seconds of arguing, and the woman and her sister “attempted to drag (the man) to their vehicle in order to take him to the hospital,” but got as far as the living room before calling 911.

The man regained consciousness while police were there and declined treatment.

Battery: Police were sent Monday to an Eagle Creek Mobile Home Park address regarding a fight between a woman and her boyfriend. The woman said she got upset after finding texts from another woman on her boyfriend’s phone, so she punched him in the face and threw things, including a lamp, at him.

The woman said her boyfriend “did not hit her back and … attempted to restrain her from hitting him.”

Five minutes afterward, the man “fell unconscious for several minutes,” the report said, adding that the man was conscious but beaten up and bloodied, and “confused as to why (police) were at his residence.” The man “stated he had no recollection of the incident between him and (his girlfriend).”

Liberty Regional EMS was called but the man refused treatment. His girlfriend was arrested.

Criminal trespass: Police were called to a Kelly Drive address Monday regarding a “burglary not in progress,” a report said. There, they met with the complainant, who said her landscaper told her someone had broken into a trailer she owns.

Police found the trailer empty except for broken glass and an empty “cigarillo package” on the floor. The woman told officers she believed “people were living in the woods behind the residence. She stated she saw tents and buckets in the woods and her landscaper saw people coming out of the woods behind the house,” the report said, noting she thought they were the ones breaking into her mobile home, which had been vacant since May. Police searched the woods but found no sign people were living there.

Driving on suspended license, more: Here’s a new one. Police ran a tag number on a parked car July 27 and it came back “no longer on vehicle,” so when the driver pulled out of the lot, officers stopped the driver. It got weird from there.

“The driver and front passenger both identified themselves as sovereign citizens,” the report said. After giving names that were almost impossible to spell — one of the men showed police a “Yamassee Native American tribal identification card” while the driver showed registration valid through 2018.

“The driver advised he did not have a license to drive because he is not required to possess one,” the report said, and continued to insist he was “born under a Native American tribe in Syracuse, New York.”

The officer was skeptical and handcuffed the driver, who ultimately provided a name. It turned out he was wanted for not paying child support in Chatham County. The passenger was later identified and police learned he was wanted by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office for “illegal reproduction of recorded materials,” so he also was detained.

A search of the vehicle uncovered a backpack and duffel bag with “reproduced” copies of CDs and DVDs and a couple of open bottles of Vodka.
The men were taken to HPD to face multiple charges.

Theft: On July 28, an officer was sent to a local real estate office regarding the theft of a “40-pound advertisement sign from the front porch of the business without authority.” The sign was advertising a real estate school. Its value was estimated at $200.

Shoplifting: An officer was sent June 29 to a beauty supply store on E.G. Miles Parkway regarding a woman who “had just stolen a wig and left the scene in a black Chevrolet Camaro,” a report said.

The incident started when the customer “entered the store to exchange a wig that she had recently purchased for a newer wig,” the report said. “(The owner) stated that they do not do exchanges for wigs that have already been purchased, and stated that a sign is posted on the cash register in the store as well.”

The owner said that when she told that to the customer, “(she) became upset and grabbed a new wig and put it on the counter,” along with her old wig and $23.

Once she put the money on the counter the woman “took the old wig, and the new wig, and left the store,” the report said.

The store owner’s mother went outside and explained the new wig was worth $42.39. She said a man with the woman told her he would make up the difference, but didn’t. Instead, “(the woman) entered the store after being confronted over the difference and knocked multiple items off of the counter...”

The man and woman then left. Police saw video of the incident, and a traffic stop of the Camaro resulted in a shoplifting charge for the woman. The officer, meanwhile, “secured the new wig and transported it back (to the beauty supply store),” where the owner said it would be resold.

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