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Photos of pre-teen deemed inappropriate, seized
Hinesville PD blotters for Aug. 27

Recent reports with the Hinesville Police Department included:

Aug. 6
Simple battery — A Hinesville woman and her husband were arguing, and when she stopped fighting with him, that upset the husband. He overheard her calling someone to come take him away, so he slapped her. The officer did not see any marks on her face, and she did not want medical attention. After being slapped, she left the house and used the neighbor’s phone to call 911. When the officer arrived, the husband was gone.

Criminal trespass, reckless conduct — On Deveraux Road, a woman was returning home when her ex-boyfriend began walking toward her. He came from Woodridge Mobile Home Park, where he sometimes lives. He wanted to talk to her about continuing their relationship, even though she recently broke it off. She didn’t want to talk to him because she was scared of him, and when she told him to leave, he hit her car’s windshield, causing it to shatter.
The broken glass fell onto the complainant, causing her to bleed. Her 12-year-old son was also in the car when this happened. She drove away from her ex-boyfriend and returned home. The officer tried looking for the complainant’s ex-boyfriend, but his roommate told the officer that he left the area and hasn’t made any contact with him.

Aug. 7
Criminal attempt to enter auto — An officer was dispatched to Granger Drive because someone was trying to enter a woman’s roommate’s car. She said she was driving up to the house when she saw two unidentified people run away from the car. The interior light of the car was on, and she found bicycles in their yard that did not belong to her or her roommate. The officer looked around the area for possible suspects but found none. The complainant’s roommate said that nothing was missing from her car, and she thought she had locked it before the incident. There was no forced entry.
The complainant was unable to identify the suspects.

Aug. 21
Suspicious activity —An officer was dispatched to Walmart after a photo developer expressed concern over photographs that she developed for a customer. The photos depicted a “preteen to young teen” girl on a bed in a series of poses that could be considered suggestive. The photographs were deemed “outside of appropriate societal norms,” and a subpoena was obtained to collect the photos. The Division of Family and Child Services will be notified about the incident.

Theft by taking — A woman who recently moved out of her trailer filed a complaint against her roommate, stating that the roommate was moving out early after being discovered as a drug user. The complainant said that when she arrived home, her residence was cluttered and some of her belongings were missing, to include a grill and other kitchen items. The complainant said that the roommate was staying at another lot in the same complex. The officer escorted the complainant to the roommate’s new residence, where the roommate denied allegations regarding the clutter and denied having any of the complainant’s belongings.

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