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Police, fire departments get security equipment
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Two Hinesville emergency response agencies have been awarded homeland security grants.
The money is part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program. The department recently announced it awarded more than 2,000 equipment and training grants to first responders across the nation as a part of the CEDAP
This program helps ensure law enforcement and emergency responders can acquire specialized equipment and training to meet their homeland security mission. As part of this, first responder organizations in Georgia will receive roughly $1,057,782 in equipment and training awards.
“CEDAP is yet another mechanism for the department to work with our local homeland security partners in strengthening this nation’s ability to prevent, protect, respond and recover from a natural disaster or terrorist attack,” said George Foresman, Under Secretary for Preparedness.  “This program enhances State and local communities’ capabilities as well as arms their first responders with the tools to build stronger regional coordination.”  
CEDAP offers equipment in the following categories: personal protective equipment; thermal imaging, night vision, and video surveillance tools; chemical and biological detection tools; information technology and risk management tools; and interoperable communications equipment.  This program also focuses on those smaller communities and metropolitan areas not eligible for the Urban Area Security Initiative grant program to apply for assistance through this program.   Awardees are required to receive training on their awarded equipment either on-site or at a CEDAP training conference.   
The following first responder organizations in Georgia received equipment and training awards through the fiscal year 2006 CEDAP:
• Hinesville City Police Department for night vision goggles
• City of Hinesville Fire Department, thermal imager for fire service
For fiscal year 2006, this direct assistance grant program totaled $34.6 million. Since its inception in fiscal year 2005, Homeland Security has awarded more than $69.7 million in equipment and training to law enforcement and fire departments through CEDAP.
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