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Restaurant sanitation scores for June
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The following are among the food service establishments inspected in June by the Liberty County Health Department. The department scores on a 100-percentile scale. Kitchens are inspected at least every four months and are required to post their score sheets in public. The score and selected comments from health inspectors are included in each report. To view all restaurant scores, go to

June 3

JC'S Bar-b-Que,6596 E. Oglethorpe Hwy., Midway. Score: 93. Grade: A.

Violations: (1)Observed thermometer not working in refrigerator. New Violation. (2) Observed debris (food splatter and grease build up) on the outside of equipment, walls, etc. New Violation. (3) Observed flies inside the facility. New Violation.

Remarks: (1) Owner stated that the pulled pork was pulled today around 10:30 and used during lunch. The owner placed the pull pork in the freezer to quickly reduce food temperature. (2) The ribs were cooked and cooled today around 11:30. (3) Reviewed new rules and regulations with owner of facility.

Taters Pizzeria,5794 Hwy. 196, Hinesville. Score: 100. Grade: A.

Violations: None.

Remarks: (1) Facility not open during inspection. (2) All PHFs frozen. (3) If facility starts serving food to customers call for inspection or if facility closes owners need to return food service permit to Liberty County Environmental Health.


June 6

Shane's Rib Shack,300 W. General Screven Way, Hinesville. Score: 88. Grade: B.

Violations: (1)Observed food in the walk-in cooler above 41F. Corrected on site by discarding of food cooked yesterday, moving food that was cooked today to another cooler and/or placing ice on food to reduce food temperatures. Manager stated that she is calling ASRS Inc. to come and repair walk-in cooler and they will be coming today. New Violation. (2) Observed pipe leaking under two compartment sink. Repeat Violation.

Remarks: (1) Make sure person in charge is properly trained on food temperatures, reheating, and cooking, etc. (2) Observed employee rinsing bottles in the handwashing sink. (3) Need to check water hose for mop sink. The hose should be food grade. (4) Need to use sanitizer when cleaning dining room tables. (5) Will follow up on walk-in cooler tomorrow morning. (6) Follow up 06/08/2016 — Walk-in cooler external thermometer: 34F; walk-in cooler internal thermometer: 39F; walk-in cooler cooked chicken: 41; walk-in cooler Boston butts: 41F. (7) Received an invoice from ASRS. They repaired the condenser on the walk-in cooler.

June 15

Subway #27017,740 E. General Stewart Way, Hinesville. Score: 91. Grade: A.

Violation: (1)Observed milk stored in the front reach-in cooler above 41F. Corrected on site by discarding of milk because it had been in the cooler since yesterday. Manager moved Simply juice items and sliced apples into the walk-in cooler. New Violation.

Remarks: (1) Observed knife stored in handwashing sink. Make sure employees are washing, rinsing, and sanitizing utensils in 3-compartment sink. Handwashing sink can only be used for handwashing. (2) Gave manager information about employee health and norovirus clean-up.


June 16

F.R. Wok-N-Roll Inc.,466 W. General Screven, Hinesville. Score: 85. Grade: B.

Violations:(1) Observed chicken wings stords in the reach-in cooler cooled yesterday and not cooled to 41F. Corrected on site by discarding of wings. New Violation. (2) Observed cooked food stored in the walk-in cooler for more than 24 hours and not date marked. Repeat Violation.

Remarks: Make sure raw food is stored properly in the walk-in and reach-in coolers.

Subway #5712,531 W. Oglethorpe Hwy., Hinesville. Score: 100. Grade: A.

Violations: None.

Remarks: (1)Observed broken floor tiles in front of women's bathroom. (2) Gave manager information about norovirus clean-up and employee health.

June 21

Subway #47926,2351 W. Highway 196, Hinesville. Score: 92. Grade: A.

Violations: (1)Three compartment sink was not correctly set up to wash, rinse, and then sanitizes equipment in that order. Employee stated that equipment was washed in the first compartment, dipped in sanitizer in second, and then rinsed last before drying. Equipment must be washed in the first compartment, rinsed in the second compartment, and sanitized in the third compartment and then allowed to air dry. Observed employee changed water in sink to properly wash, rinse and sanitize. New Violation. (2) Observed bowls stored in handwashing sink. Corrected on site by removing bowls. New Violation.

Remarks: Observed can of employee energy drink in walk-in. There should be a designated area for employee food away from food items meant for customers.

June 22

Subway #10624,466 General Screven Way, Hinesville. Score: 97. Grade: A.

Violation:Observed expired spinach stored in the walk-in cooler. Expiration date 06/18/2016. Corrected on site by discarding of spinach. New Violation.

Remarks: (1) Observed self-closing fixture on back door in disrepair. (2) Observed bottle water used for employee drink. Employee drink needs to be in disposable cup with lid and straw. (3) Manager stated they use the vegetable sink to pre-wash dishware. Vegetable sink needs to be used for washing vegetables. Suggest labeling vegetable sink. (4) Gave employee policy and norovirus clean-up procedures. Manager stated they do not use chlorine in the facility.

June 23

Subway #27016,771 Frank Cochran Rd., Hinesville. Score: 93. Grade: A.

Violations:(1) Talked to person in charge about the procedure to wash dishware. She stated they prewash dishes in the 2nd sink. Then places dishes in the 1st sink to wash with soap, then place in the 3rd sink to sanitize. Talked to PIC on how to properly wash dishes and showed PIC proper washing techniques chart over 3-compartment sink. New Violation. (2) Observed self-closing fixture in disrepair on the back door. New Violation.

Remarks: (1) Need to check for leaks on the 3-compartment sink. (2) Need to replace burned out light bulb in men's bathroom. (3) Make sure employees are properly trained on washing dishes. (4) Gave employee health policy and norovirus clean up.



June 27

Orient Express,445 E.G. Miles Pkwy. Ste. 103, Hinesville. Score: 90. Grade: A.

Violations: (1)Observed cut and washed broccoli stored in delivery box. Corrected on site by rewashing broccoli and storing food in clean plastic container. Repeat Violation. (2) Observed inspection sheet not posted. Corrected on site by posting inspection sheet. New Violation. (3) Observed non-food contact surfaces dirty with grease build up and food debris (walls, filters in hood, etc.). Repeat Violation. (4) Observed flies in the outside storage unit in which packaged food is stored. New Violation. (5) Need self-closing fixture on storage unit. The door should close automatically. New Violation.

Remarks: Observed plastic container in disrepair (holes, disfigured, etc.). Need to replace containers.



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