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Robber to clerk: ' had set her up'
Hinesville PD blotters for July 9

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:


July 5

Trespass, reckless conduct About 9:30 p.m. someone opened the door of Sunset Novelties on Willowbrook Drive and lobbed a firecracker inside. The explosion singed the carpet, but not other damage was reported. The responding officer said surveillance video showed the act, but tinting on the front door was too dark to see whoever threw in the firecracker.


July 6

Sexual battery A woman in an Oglethorpe Highway business reported that back in February and March, a co-worker had made offensive sexual gestures, “get between her and the door and tell her she would have to ‘kiss’ him before she would be able to leave” and touch her in inappropriate places on several occasions. “I just didn’t,” is how she responded when asked why she had not reported it earlier. The case was turned over to detectives.


Lost or mislaid property A Sagewood Drive resident called police to report that four days earlier he had hidden his 9mm handgun in his home, but could not remember where and could not find it. He was concerned his 15-year-old grandson, who is reportedly known to be unruly, may have taken it. The gun owner was advised to try to get the make, model and serial number from the pawnshop where he bought the gun and to add it to the report.


Financial transaction card fraud An Oak Street resident reported that he was paid $300 on July 3, but had only $7 in his bank account two days later. A review with his bank showed 36 recent transactions for $380, split between Pay-Tel Communications and Verizon. The resident named a suspect, saying she had stayed with him recently and asked about Pay-Tel so she could call her boyfriend, who was in prison. He believed she must have gotten his debit card information some way.


Damage to private property A Zachary Court resident reported that sometime early July 4, a bullet apparently shot through the roof of his home. He said his children woke him up about midnight to tell him a “firecracker had come through the roof.” He didn’t see anything, but about 9 that morning he found a slug in his kitchen. He doesn’t own a weapon. He later told his realty company and workers. They told him to make a police report. The officer saw a bullet hole in the kitchen ceiling.


July 7

Strong-arm robbery About 4 a.m. officers were called to a convenience store in the 900 block of West Oglethorpe Highway. A clerk said she had gone into the office and was surprised to see a man there. He grabbed her, forced her to the register, told her to give him the money out of it, and then walked her out of the store. He told her “that her family had set her up.” On her way back inside she saw a second man standing by the door. No weapons were brandished. Officers said surveillance video showed a man entering the store when the clerk went into the restroom. He hid and then crawled into the office when the clerk came out. A search of the area found no clues about the robbers, who the clerk thought left the area on foot. The main robber was described as a medium complexion black man, slim and about 5’8” tall. He had a black T-shirt wrapped around his head and was wearing a white T-shirt and gray sweat pants. The clerk described the man outside as black, short and skinny and wearing a white tank top and black and white shorts.

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