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Soldiers charged for stolen gear
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Twelve soldiers were investigated for allegedly stealing military equipment from Fort Stewart. Some of the soldiers have been charged and are awaiting trial and one was court-martialed late last year.
“Sgt. Travis Barker was court-martialed in December,” Fort Stewart spokesman Kevin Larson said. “He was accused of conspiring to steal and stealing military ammunition from his unit’s ammunition supply point. Barker was also charged for selling the ammunition to Mr. Works.”  
Barker already has served his sentence, Larson said.
“He received four months confinement, reduction to E-1 (private) and some forfeiture,” he said.
The investigation revolved around Hinesville gun shop owner Joshua Works. Works, 29, pleaded guilty to dealing in stolen military equipment last month. He was indicted by a grand jury on charges of willfully and knowingly receiving two sets of PVS-14 night vision devices and several parts for M16 rifles with the intent to convert the property for his own use or gain. Works owns Mission Essential Inc. at 918 B Hollywood Drive.
According to the indictment, the receipts occurred between May 2006 and July 2008 in Liberty County. Court documents assessed the value of the stolen goods at about $10,000.
Some of the soldiers investigated in the case “received a disposition less than a special or general court martial,” Larson said.  
“Soldiers Jeffrey Schrock, Joshua Stovall, Michael Sydnor, Terrance Abernathy, Wade Bagwell and Chucky Dingle face special or general courts martial,” he said.
Bagwell entered a guilty plea and has an Oct. 1 court martial date, Larson said. He was charged with conspiring to steal, stealing and wrongfully disposing of a bomb-searching robot used by explosive ordnance personnel.
Schrock also was charged with conspiring to steal, stealing and wrongfully disposing of an EOD robot.
Stovall faces the same charges, as do Bagwell and Schrock, and in addition was accused of stealing and attempting to sell multipurpose aiming reflex sights for M4 rifles.  
“An Article 32 investigation for Stovall has been scheduled,” Larson said.
Charges are still pending against Abernathy, Sydnor and Dingle, he said. The charges include various specifications of conspiracy, larceny and wrongful disposition of government property, Larson added.
The soldiers investigated in connection to the stolen goods case are assigned to the 2-7 Infantry Battalion, the installation media chief said.
The other three civilians in the case, Thad Ulom, Tiimothy Lopez and John Silva, were convicted in federal court on felony charges pertaining to the purchase and sale of stolen military equipment, including night vision goggles and grenade launcher laser sights.

Courier correspondent Jen Alexander McCall contributed to this report.

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