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Storm does minor damage near Riceboro
The yard of a residence on Lewis Fraser Road was covered with brush, branches and debris from the storm. - photo by Photo by Jessica Duncan
A powerful storm moved through Riceboro Thursday afternoon, taking branches and even entire trees down as it passed.
Mike Hodges, director of the Liberty-Hinesville Emergency Management Agency, said, “The National Weather Service was monitoring a cold front, which pushed a trough through our area.
“It certainly wasn’t your average late summer heating storm. It was the moving of a cold front. It caused the atmosphere to be very unstable and spawned a number of spotty storms.”
The storms that moved through Riceboro, Hodges said, “packed more punch than the other storms.” And, according to Charlotte Sisson, a family services coordinator who was working at Liberty County Head Start in Riceboro at the time of the storm, it was much more forceful than a run-of-the-mill thunderstorm.
“It was a major, major downpour,” Sisson said. “There was lots of hail, and lightning like you would not believe. We had to stay away from the windows and in the middle of the office.”
Although the storm passed in only 10 minutes, it did a sizeable amount of damage to trees in the area.
“Trees were uprooted completely,” Sisson said.
Power poles and wires also were damaged in the storm.
“There were a couple of trees that came down and they took down some light wires with them,” Hodges said. “But the problem was mitigated quickly. The fire department was out there and they took care of everything.”
Despite the destruction, residences in Riceboro appear to be unharmed.
“I have not had any [residential or commercial] damage reported to me whatsoever,” Hodges said.
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