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Two-year dispute boils over into fight
Hinesville PD blotter for Jan. 9

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Fight: Police were sent to a gas station on E.G. Miles Parkway around 9 p.m. Jan. 2 regarding a fight with possible injuries.

There, they heard from the complainant, who said she overheard "two females who she previously had an issue with two years ago … talking bad about (the complainant and her daughter)."

This two-year-old incident — "a ‘look,’" the complainant told police— apparently took place while they were in a different convenience store. She said she confronted the two women about what she overheard Jan. 2 and "they began to argue until they walked outside." Her daughter got out of the car to help her mother, and that’s when the two women "’jumped’ her daughter and began punching her. (The complainant) stated she began calling 911 and the females entered their car to pull off. (The complainant) stood in front of the female’s parking spot to take a picture of their license plate however they began to slowly back up slightly bumping her with the car in the process. She stated when (police) arrived they parked their car again."

The officer then talked with the daughter, who said the two women were arguing with her mother so she got out to help and "they jumped her."

The daughter was given a case number and told how to get a warrant. The officer then talked to the two women, who said they were waiting in line when the complainant confronted them about the old issue. "(She) argued with them until they got out the store then (the daughter exited her car and ‘jumped’ on (one of the women’s back). (The daughter) began to punch (that woman) while the (other woman) tried to break up the fight."

That woman was given a case number and warrant procedures were explained.

There were no reports of injuries, and security video didn’t show the fight.

Suspicious acts: A Memorial Drive convenience store clerk reported on the evening of Dec. 31 a "tall black male with light skin and dreadlocks walked into the store and asked her to perform oral sex." The woman said he then left. She said she told her uncle and he went to confront the man, and "when (her uncle) told her he confronted the subject about the incident the subject pulled up his shirt and showed (the uncle) his gun and continued to walk away."

Police looked for the man, but couldn’t find anyone matching the description.

DUI, felony obstruction: A woman was pulled over around 2 a.m. on Highway 84 near Court Street because she was driving erratically.

"I advised (the driver) why I stopped her and asked her if she was okay," the arresting officer reported.

The woman said she was, but she clearly wasn’t sober. She first denied having anything to drink, then said she had "a little something," and had trouble finding her driver’s license. The officer asked her to take a field sobriety test, and "she agreed to do so."

She didn’t do well. And when she almost fell during one part of the test, she "then stated she was done and did not wish to take any further evaluations," the report said.

"I told (the woman) to turn around and advised her that she was under arrest," the officer said. "As I was placing (her) in handcuffs, she told me that she was not under arrest and attempted to pull away from me."

The officer eventually got the woman cuffed.

"I walked her to the front of my vehicle, at which point she jumped onto the hood of my car," he reported. "While I had (the woman) secured against the hood of my vehicle, she threw her legs up as if she was attempting to kick me."

The woman also tried to head butt the officer and, once inside the car, "rolled onto her back and began to kick outwards, striking me and the door several times. I feared she would kick out the window of my patrol vehicle, so I pulled her back out of the vehicle and placed her on the ground. She was restrained until (another officer arrived)."

There also were two men in the vehicle, an unloaded 9 millimeter pistol in the center console and two full magazines in the glove compartment. One of the men said the gun belonged to the woman and she bought it legally, and a check showed it wasn’t stolen.

The woman was taken to jail, though apparently she was too "combative" to be processed. Her mother was called to pick up the car.

DUI: An officer was sent to Highway 84 around 2 a.m. Dec. 31 regarding a Jeep that had run into a ditch. The Jeep was "canted sideways and half submerged in a ditch. The ditch was muddy and had tall grass growing out of it. The driver was not present and I did not notice any other persons occupying the vehicle," the report said. "The passenger side door was open and the keys were left in the ignition."

The officer got the name of the owner through dispatch and called the man, who said "his wife … had taken the vehicle earlier that night to an area nightclub."

The officer told the man they couldn’t find his wife so he came to the Jeep and gave the officer a photo he’d taken of his wife that night "in her current attire," a dress. The officer then "escorted (the man) to several surrounding bars in an effort to locate his wife, but we were unsuccessful. I checked the nearby Huddle House and Waffle House (with other police) and we did not see any persons matching the photo."

Then, an officer spotted "a female on the second floor of the Econo Lodge Motel matching the description of female in the photo provided by (her husband)," the report said. "She quickly left the area and we pursued up the stairs to locate her."

To shorten the story, the officers located her and she was pretty blasted. Her shoes were also covered in mud. At first, the woman "repeatedly denied ever being in a vehicle and of having any knowledge of an accident," the officer noted, but "(the husband) advised his wife to be honest and she confessed that she was the operate of the vehicle in the ditch by making statements to me in the effect of ‘officer, I’m going to be honest, I was driving. I drove here, and I thought I could make it home. I thought I was good but I did not know that ditch was that deep.’"

She was charged with DUI. Her license had been suspended for a 2013 DUI.

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