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Vehicles, friends make trouble for residents
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Sept. 10

Here are some recent reports filed at the Liberty County Sheriff's Office:

Aug. 12
Driving with a suspended license/tag light violation — A black Chevy Tahoe passed a deputy’s vehicle, and the deputy noticed the Chevy had a broken tag light. The deputy initiated a traffic stop and the driver handed the deputy a military ID. The man said he had a Florida driver’s license but didn’t have it on his person. The deputy ran a check and found out his Florida license has been indefinitely suspended. His Georgia license also is suspended, and he had a previous arrest for driving without a license. The man was arrested and cited for driving without a license, broken tag light and also having a huge crack in his front windshield.
DFACS Referral — Deputies were dispatched to Taylor’s Creek Elementary school to respond to a sexual offense. The school turned in a young girl who was caught with two other juvenile girls in the bathroom stall. The girl said she had some troubles at home. The incident was referred to the Liberty County Department of Family and Children Services.

Aug. 13
Matter of record — A semi-truck driver smashed two residential trash cans, crushing one and damaging the other. The homeowner wanted to file the report because the trash carts belong to Rural Sanitation and he didn’t want to be financially responsible for the damages. The truck driver said he was going to contact Rural Sanitation and have the trash carts replaced at his cost.
Matter of record — A moving truck turned the corner at Stephanie Drive and Annette Lane but didn’t quite clear the right-of-way. The truck knocked down the corner stop sign. The road department was called in and the stop sign was replaced.
Verbal dispute — Two men said they were afraid of their other male roommate because he intentionally likes to start fights for no reason. One of them men said he feared their roommate would harm them.
Matter of record — A woman reported that someone was in her home and had left a note saying they had moved items inside her house, used the toilet without flushing, taken meat out of the fridge, cut her phone wires, placed a dead animal under her house, cut her rugs, tore the screens and touched numerous household items. The woman said she didn’t know who might be responsible but added she had a working alarm system.
The deputy reported no alarm calls had been received from the home in recent weeks. He said that indicated the person responsible has a viable way of gaining entry to the home.

Aug. 23
Driving with suspended license — A deputy initiated a traffic stop on a female driver who was in the left speed lane going 10 miles per hour under the posted limit. The driver gave the deputy her name and said she had lost her Virginia license and was waiting on the state to send her a new one.
The deputy couldn’t find any information regarding a Virginia or any other state license. An assisting deputy with a canine arrived at the scene, and the drug dog gave a positive response for possible narcotics in the car. The deputy started to search the car and found a driver’s license with the woman’s picture on it but with a different last name than the one she provided. The woman said that was her maiden name. A new check revealed the woman had a suspended driver’s license. She also did not have valid insurance. The driver was arrested.
Reportedly, no drugs were found in the car.

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