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Walthourville cop car vandalized
Fire dept. radio reported stolen
walthourville PD car damaged
Scratches are shown on a Walthourville Police Department vehicle. The vandalism was believed to have taken place early Thursday morning. - photo by Lewis Levine

The Walthourville Police and Fire Departments have learned that no one is immune to crime — not even them.

Walthourville Chief Tracy McFadden reported that while on patrol last Thursday, he noticed the hood of his 2004 Crown Victoria police cruiser had been damaged, with scratches seen all over the hood and to the driver’s side door.

McFadden said the cruiser, which had been parked in front of the department overnight, likely was scratched early Thursday.

A surveillance video of the parking lot showed two individuals jumping a hedge and making their way to Talmadge Road. McFadden said the individuals on the video are probably responsible for the damage, although the vandalism itself was not on the video.

McFadden said the video shows two males — one black and one white, both believed to be juveniles and one carrying a backpack.  

The damage to the vehicle is estimated between $1,500 and $2,000. The case has been turned over to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

McFadden is also investigating the theft of a digital radio from the Walthourville Fire Department on Saturday.

The radio, valued at $3,850, was apparently left on the hood of a vehicle after an emergency call and was discovered missing when firefighters were called out again.

A teen, wearing a white T-shirt and black backpack, was seen riding a BMX bicycle inside the open bay by a firefighter as he pulled up to station.

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