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Wildfire to burn on post until it rains
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A wildfire burning in the artillery impact area in the northern part of Fort Stewart continued into the weekend, officials said Friday.
The post’s forestry branch is not able to fight this fire because of its location, a news release from the Public Affairs Office said.
The fire will continue to burn until rainfall extinguishes it and significant rainfall is not expected within the next five to seven days. Some forecasts predict minor showers Monday and Wednesday.
Early reports said officials were worried about unexploded ordnance in the area. There were no reports of explosions, however.
Thursday and Friday people in Fort Stewart’s cantonment area reported being able to smell the fire, but smoke from the blaze was apparently being blown north toward Pembroke.
Residual smoke from the fire is currently affecting Pembroke and could also affect Highways 280 and 204. Wind shifts could send smoke toward the Fort Stewart cantonment area and Highway 119.
Officials could not say how the fire started, nor how large of an area the fire covered. They did say the post’s forestry branch is not conducting any prescribed burning.
There has been little rain in the area in recent months and weather conditions are favorable for wildfire at this time.
Post officials asked that those who are smoke sensitive should take actions necessary to protect themselves from the effects of the smoke. Also, please exercise caution while driving on highways were visibility is limited because of smoke.
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