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Woman tries to cover damage with burglary report
Hinesville PD blotters for Sept. 16

Reports filed recently by Hinesville Police Department officer include:


Sept. 13

Theft by taking: A Wal-Mart shopper advised police that she had left her purse in her cart while in the dairy section. She walked away from it to get some items and when she returned her purse was missing. A store manager showed officers video, but it didn’t have the angle to show when the purse was taken from the cart. Before the report was completed, a Wal-Mart employee reported to HPD that a purse had been found on a shelf in the dairy section. An inventory of the purse found the victim’s phone and an EBT card, but not her ID nor $20 cash that she reported having in the purse. The last of the report detailed how the officer was trying to contact the victim.


Sept. 12

Battery, trespass, simply battery: This one was called in by Winn Army Community Hospital, but the fight that caused injuries bad enough to send someone to the hospital took place on Sweetbriar Court. According to the reporting officer, the fight broke out at a party. Police got conflicting stories about what sparked the fight. Evidence, however, implied the injured man hit his head on a curb in front of the residence.


Theft by taking: Dunkin Donuts employees reported that four teenagers came into the shop after 9 p.m., bought some items, hung out for a few minutes and then left. After they were gone, employees noticed a tip jar that had had about $10 cash was now empty. A review of security video showed one of the teens reach into the jar and take the money. Officers were unable to find the suspect in the area.


Simple battery: A woman reported that she was videoing a fight at Gata’s when a woman walked up to her, saying “Are you (expletive, deleted) kidding me?” and slapped her hand holding her phone away. Later, a man walked up and stood between her and the fight. The club’s manager later said he recognized the woman in the video because she frequented the bar. He said the woman was drunk at the time. Officers attempted to find more people who had been involved or seen the fight, but could not.


Sept. 11

Recover stolen vehicle: A man stopped an officer in the Wal-Mart parking lot to tell him about a vehicle that had been parked in the lot for several weeks. Upon investigation, officers determined it had earlier been reported stolen in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Officials there were notified and the vehicle was towed to a storage place.


Criminal trespass, false report of a crime: A Kelly Drive resident called out officers, saying she had arrived home about 10:30 a.m. and heard a loud noise near her back door as she was entering with her daughter. She said she put her daughter back in her car and checked the home. Nothing was missing, she told the officer, who came to check out the burglary in progress. The resident said her landlord advised her to make the police report. After looking at the condition of a kicked-in door, some nearby furniture and other evidence, as well as some suspicious behavior, the officer started questioning the resident and she soon admitted she kicked in the door because she had locked herself out of the home. She was given a case number and told to fess up to her landlord.


Vehicle damage: A motorist found a “tip of an ink pen” sized chip in the paint of her 2015 Chevy Cruze after shopping at Kroger and called out police. She told the officer she was meticulous about the vehicle and had inspected it before going shopping. She was convinced it had been caused by a soft drink company van that had been parked next to her car, probably when the driver got out. The officer reported the damage did not look fresh, but went in the store to find the driver, who said he didn’t notice if his door had hit the car. A passenger with him said the door had not hit the Chevy. The officer said he couldn’t tell what had caused the damage, so gave the case number to both drivers.


Burglary forced entry, criminal damage: An Idus lane resident reported she had returned home about 10 the night before to find six windows broken, the screen on her screen porch cut and a trampoline cut to pieces. Some military gear that had been on the porch was also missing. The windows had apparently been broken by someone throwing rocks from her landscaping at the glass, both panes of all six windows. The resident said the only person she knew who may be mad at her was a 14-year-old who had asked to play in her yard with her three children. She had told him he would have to get permission from her parents.


Financial card fraud: A woman’s report to officers implied her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, who she knowns only as “Dump,” may have stolen her debit card and withdrawn more than $200. She said she knew she had the card with her that morning as she went to work, but could not find it when she tried to pay for car insurance that afternoon. The card issuer reported two transactions earlier in the day, one of them at Kroger. The woman said her mother and the boyfriend rode with her as she was going to work that morning and that her mother is the only person who knows her PIN. The officer contacted Kroger and set up a review of surveillance video from the time of the transaction. The case was turned over to detectives.


Sept. 10:

Driving with a suspended license, no insurance, no license plate: An officer saw a motorcycle/scooter on E.G. Miles Parkway with no license plate. It was going about 42 mph. The officer stopped it and the driver said when she bought the scooter she was told she wouldn’t need a license or insurance. However she told the officer the scooter could go as fast as 45 mph and the officer told her state law says that since it was capable of going faster than 30 mph all requirements for motorcycles to be on a road had to be met. A check of information on an ID she had with her also showed numerous violations, including an earlier driving with a suspended license. She was arrested.


Theft by taking: A Bradwell student reported that two days earlier he had been waiting outside the school and set down his school iPad when his ride arrived. He didn’t realize it until a couple hours later. He last saw the tablet about 6 p.m. and a school media specialist said the last time it “pinged” was about 7 p.m. There were students from several schools around BI that evening for a volleyball game.

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