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Worker hit in road construction site
Liberty County Sheriff’s deputies work a wreck Tuesday where a construction flagman was struck by a vehicle on Highway 196 east. - photo by Photo by John Deike
A flagman is recovering from injuries he received after being struck by a vehicle Tuesday afternoon while working in a construction zone on Highway 196 east.
The driver of the vehicle that struck the worker was reportedly talking on a cell phone and disregarded large, orange constriction signs stating “Men At Work,” “Flagger Ahead” and “Warning: One Lane Road.”
“The driver was about 40 feet away from the flagger, who was in the middle of the road, before they noticed him and quickly swerved,” R.B. Baker construction manager Trace Martell said. “Injuries were sustained to the flagger’s legs, which may include some broken bones, and if the driver would not have swerved when they did, the accident could have been fatal.”
Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputy Gary Richardson verified Martell’s account, and said the flagman suffered mild to moderate injuries.
The injured worker was taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center.
Multiple traffic interruptions have already taken place on the highway due to Baker constructing the drainage system for the expansion of the highway, Martell said.
To install the drainage system, the highway is reduced to a one-lane road, and a flagman has to regulate the flow of traffic to keep motorists moving, which was the situation today, he noted.
“This is easily one of the most hazardous highways in the area, and drivers need to be cautious because there are many construction workers who work alongside the traffic,” Martell said.
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