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Restaurants solicited for Flemington
Gaming machines not as welcome
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Flemington positioned itself for another restaurant at the February city council meeting.
The council last week approved the Dykes tract site plan. George Holtzman, owner of Coldwell Banker, Holtzman Reatlors and agent for the property, said the property is being marketed to restaurant chains and the city action was needed for development.
Debra Attical with the Liberty County Consolidated Planning Commission informed the council that the new plant for the Dykes tract was not subdivided as it had originally been proposed. The site plan is one lot that totals two acres.
Mayor Sandra Martin was assured that tree and land disturbing permits and inspections will be filed with LCPC before any work is done.
"I don't want to ride by and see work being done without permits," Martin said.
In response to a question from Councilman Dasher Palmer, Holtzman said one acre is usually the size of a commercial lot.
On another topic, Hot Stop Convenience Store owner Jongmi Edwards was at the meeting to propose the use of gaming machines in the store. The machines are leased by Islands Games and Edwards showed a photo of the machines to the mayor and council members. Store credit is given to those who play the games and win. Not everyone on the council was comfortable with the prospect of the games being in the store.
"I don't like it," Dasher said. "It's only a step away from gambling."
Councilwoman Donnie Smith agreed.
"It's not the most appealing thing. It's a gambling of sorts," she said.
Smith made a motion to table the request for research and legal advice.
Flemington's attorney Craig Stafford said he "would like to know what types of games will be coming here (Flemington)."
Officer Guy Pagliolo reported that there had been two burglaries during January. Loose change and copper-coated rods were stolen from Winlectric. The other burglary occurred at Liberty Cycle, where a brand new, four-wheeler was stolen. Pagliolo said that pickups seen with a four-wheeler in the back after 10 p.m. will be pulled over and asked to show proof of ownership.
At the next city council meeting at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 11, and at the planning workshop at noon on Thursday, March 13, public hearings will be held to discuss the subdivision ordinance. A local government, quality growth audit was done on the county and its municipalities as part of the Coastal Comprehensive Plan. The audit's results showed that Flemington missed the performance standards by three points. Flemington will meet the standards if the revised subdivision ordinance is adopted.
The council also voted to adopt Flemington's Code of Ordinances, which was codified by Municipal Code Corp.
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