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Soldier organizes clothing giveaway for those in need
Soldier Stacy Taylor clothing giveaway
Jshona Gordon (left), Stacy Taylor (middle), and mother, Sandra Taylor (right) photographed with the numerous donations they received for Saturday’s clothing giveaway. (Photo provided)

Fort Stewart soldier Stacy Taylor organized a clothing giveaway at Hinesville’s Irene B. Thomas Park on Saturday, Jan. 25. 

The giveaway was held from 8 a.m. until 10 a.m. during which time an array of clothing, shoes, blankets, etc. were given away for free. Taylor wanted to help those who cannot typically afford to purchase such items from places like Goodwill and local thrift shops. 

Taylor stated that he came up with the idea while he was moving. He had various items he no longer needed and was originally going to give them to Goodwill. 

However, Taylor had a feeling otherwise and felt that, while Goodwill would sell the items cheap, it may still cost more than some people would able to pay. And so the idea for a giveaway was devised. 

Taylor reached out to various news sites and asked friends and family to spread the word. He instantly began receiving donations from others, who thanked and encouraged him and his mission. Taylor said that he was pleasantly surprised by the amount of people who donated, happy that he wasn’t the only person who wanted to give. 

When asked about the importance of giving, Taylor responded with, “At one point in time everyone was in need of something, so I think it’s best to think about the other people for a change.” 

The soldier, who’s been in two years, credited his parents as being the real reason he is so invested in helping. They instilled good morals in him. Taylor said he would most definitely like to do something like the giveaway again at a later point in time. 

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