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State BoE approves continuance
Liberty County School System

The Georgia Department of Education, State board of Education, has approved the Liberty County School System's request for a hearing continuance.
The decision was made this afternoon and broadcast through the GDOE web-site's live video stream page. Liberty County School System Superintendent Dr. Franklin Perry said the staff from the Central Office watched the live feed.
The LCSS was placed under review May 8 due to the behavior of the board. Current state law required the schools to report the status and prepare for a hearing with the state board of education. The law was enacted after the Clayton County School System lost their accreditation due to their governance team. It is a safeguard ensuring school districts, who are doing well academically, don't lose accreditation due to the board.

Nationwide changes made by school accreditation agency AdvancED June 29, also meant the Liberty County School System is no longer under the immediate threat of losing their accreditation.

AdvancED changed their policies adding another level to their process. 

Prior to the change school systems were either accredited, accredited under review and then loss of accreditation. AdvancED added accredited under condition, which is now the last level before you lose accreditation.

The change means the LCSS is no longer at the level that no longer required a state board of education hearing. 

However, Perry had requested the school system file a motion for continuance through the district's attorney since the school system was already scheduled for a state hearing today.

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