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Bryan Co. man, Savannah guard accused of having sex with 13-year-old
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A former Chatham County Sheriff’s deputy living in Bryan County was arrested last week after reportedly admitting to molesting the 13-year-old daughter of his best friend with whom he was living with in Ellabell.
According to a Bryan County Sheriff’s report, Dustin McMillan was beaten and threatened with a gun by the victim’s father after he allegedly caught McMillan in the middle of a sex act with the victim in a dark computer room in the family’s home.
McMillan, who was staying at the house with his young son, was told to leave and take his son with him.
According to the report, as McMillan was about to leave, the father approached the vehicle and pointed a rifle in McMillan’s face. The father then told McMillan he wouldn’t pull the trigger because of his son in the backseat and told him to “thank your son for saving your life.”
After taking the son to a relative’s house,  McMillan returned to the Ellabell home at the father’s request. When he arrived, the father kicked and beat McMillan with an aluminum baseball bat.
According to reports, McMillan was a deputy in neighboring Chatham County since 2007 but was fired last week after Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reported the incident.
McMillan was released from Bryan County Jail after making bail on his $25,000 bond.
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