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Georgia's black elected officials to meet in Claxton next October
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The Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials plans to hold its 2008 Fall Conference in Claxton next October.
GABEO, which recently hosted its 2007 Fall Conference in Augusta, has more than 800 members. Its president, state Rep. Tyrone Brooks, said the number is approaching 1,000 and is limited neither to African Americans nor to elected officials, although the elected officials in its membership range from members of Congress to members of local school boards and city councils.
The conference is not the GABEO Convention that’s hosted every June in Savannah but is one of two seasonal events the association moves to different cities each year. The other moveable event is the GABEO board meeting to be hosted in Washington, Ga., next February.
Between 300 and 500 people often attend a fall conference, including GABEO members and guests from around the state and interested local people, according to Brooks.
“When they come to GABEO they see federal officials, state officials, county officials, municipal officials; they see community leaders, members of the clergy of all denominations; they see civil rights activists, educators, business people,” he said. “So it’s a great place to network, but also it’s a great place to come and receive information that can help you perform better at the local level for your constituents.”
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