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Liberty County Sheriffs Office blotter
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Dec. 22: Burglary — A resident of Victory Manor Mobile Home Park on Ruben Wells Road reported $1,802 worth of electronics, tools, medicine and accessories was taken from his secured home between 6 and 10 p.m. The resident said it appeared the front door had been forced open.

Burglary — Another resident of Victory Manor Mobile Home Park on Ruben Wells Road reported the front door had been forced open and items were stolen between 10:30 p.m. and 1:15 a.m. She said missing items include jewelry, children’s toys, a laptop and a clothes hamper. A nearby neighbor told the complainant that they noticed the door was open around 11:30 p.m., went into the home and did not see anyone so they closed the door behind them.

Dec. 23

Burglary — A mobile home resident in the 470 block of Live Oak Road reported a burglary between 3:45-10:50 p.m. in which several items were stolen. Missing items included gifts from a bedroom, about $400 from a piggy bank and a television. The deputy noted fresh pry marks on both the front and back doors, though it appeared entry was made through the front door.

Marijuana possession, obstruction, possession of open container — Several people were issued citations after a vehicle traveling without headlights around 11 p.m. resulted in a traffic stop at Highway 84 and Gen. Screven Way. The deputy who initiated the stop reportedly smelled marijuana and requested backup from the Hinesville Police Department. They separated and searched four people inside the car and found all parties in possession of marijuana, one was charged with obstruction for eating marijuana, and another was cited for open container. All four were arrested and transported to jail. The driver was given a citation for not using her headlights.

Dec. 24

Burglary — A patrol deputy noticed an open door around 8:30 a.m. in Victory Manor Mobile Home Park on Ruben Wells Road. No one was at the residence, but there were signs of a burglary, the report said. It appeared that at least a television was taken. The deputy attempted to get a number for the resident but was unable, so he left a memo at the door.

Suspicious activity — A patrol deputy noticed an open door around 8:30 a.m. in Victory Manor Mobile Home Park and entered to determine whether there had been a burglary. There was no furniture in the unit, which indicated that a resident may be in the process of moving to or from the unit, but there was military equipment lying around and the home appeared to have been ransacked. The deputy left a memo for the resident.

Dec. 25

Matter of record — A deputy was dispatched to Butter Blount Road in Fleming, where reports indicate neighbors bicker frequently and cannot get along. This time, one of the residents complained about neighbors driving four-wheelers around 10 p.m. The riders insisted that Sheriff Steve Sikes and other deputies had given them permission to drive the four-wheelers as late as they wanted as long as they remained on private property, though the report indicates the deputy observed young adults and juveniles riding the ATVs in the road.

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