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Lonely 95-year-old calls into radio station, becomes star of show
Lonely 95-year-old calls into radio station, becomes star of show. - photo by Tracie Knabe Snowder
SOUTHHAMPTON, England A lonely 95-year-old man named Bill called into a local BBC morning radio show last week.

He wanted to share his story on the "Alex Dyke Show," that has a Love Later in Life segment. Bill married his wife in June 2014 after knowing her for 30 years, he told Dyke, who, unfortunately, is in a nursing home now after being injured during a fall.

He called up to say he was lonely, and he missed (his wife), producer Chris Hitchings told BuzzFeed News. I dont think he had anyone else to talk to.

"Every day is hell, Bill said on the program. (But) I go to see her every day. And shes so happy when Im with her.

Bill said he has a son that calls every night, but he doesnt have any friends that come to see him.

I wish there was something I could do, Dyke told Bill.

Alex, just talking to you has made a difference, Bill said.

Dyke decided to do more than just talk and invited Bill to come in via a taxi to have coffee and doughnuts.

Bill was whisked into the radio station the next day where he was greeted by Dyke first with a handshake and then with a hug. He was shocked to learn that his story had touched a lot of listeners, who wrote into the show to show their support. He said that while he has a lot of friends, unfortunately when you get old, people dont come and visit. And thats life.

People care, Bill, Dyke said. You may sometimes feel alone, but there are obviously a lot of people out there listening who dont even know you but really care about you.

Bill's guest appearance was a huge hit with listeners, who kept calling in to chat with the "star of the show." To listen to the full segment, visit
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