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New Ga. laws now in effect
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Georgia's new laws

Here is a list of some of the 30 Senate bills and 35 House bills that became law Friday:

SB 10 - Permits local governments to ask voters to approve the sale of packaged alcohol on Sunday afternoons.

SB 17 - Establishes a commission to advise legislators on which medical treatments to require health insurance plans sold in the state to offer.

SB 36 - Creates a prescription database to make it easier for doctors, pharmacists and police to detect "pill mills" that over-prescribe pain killers and those people who abuse them.

SB 39 - Channels substance abuse and mental health cases to special courts with judges trained in ways to compel treatment rather than focused on expensive punishment like incarceration.

SB 81 - Requires mental and physical exams of people applying to become pharmacists.

SB 88 - Raises to age 7 or 4 feet, 9 inches the cutoff point for children to give up their car seat.

SB 157 - Removes a requirement on cities and counties that they file with the state a plan for handling solid waste. Supporters say the plans were expensive and rarely used.

SB 178 - Licenses assisted-living facilities under a separate category of regulation rather than making them comply with group home provisions.

SB 185 - Closes any day-care center immediately after the death of a child.

HB 40 - Chief's Law, named for a dog killed by poisoning, it ensures antifreeze sold in the state tastes bitter.

HB 87 - Imposes fines on employers who don't verify the citizenship of workers and empowers police to do the same of anyone arrested for a felony.

HB 99 - Takes fingerprints of everyone applying for a nurse's license.

HB 101 - Revises laws dealing with safety equipment on bicycles and traffic rules for them.

HB 147 - Patient Right to Know Act, requires physicians to disclose if they have no malpractice insurance.

HB 158 - Changes the date for judicial elections to the summer primary.

HB 200 - Imposes stiff penalties for anyone guilty of human trafficking, or kidnapping across international borders.

HB 203 - Notifies a law-enforcement officer's agency in the event of investigations for unprofessional conduct by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards & Training Council.

HB 214 - Creates the Department of Public Health.

HB 234 - Extends the sales-tax exemption on parts used to repair out-of-state airplanes and grants developers of resorts, hotels and amusement parks a 25-percent subsidy.

HB 277 - Legalizes hunting deer with bait.

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