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Session disappoints local lawmaker
al at rotary
State Rep. Al Williams, D-Midway, speaks at the Hinesville Rotary Club. - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
State Rep. Al Williams, D-Midway, didn’t mince words when discussing the happenings — or lack thereof — at this year’s state legislative session.
“We were the do nothing session,” he told members of the Hinesville Rotary Club on Tuesday.
Specifically, he said the lawmakers didn’t spend much time addressing what he thinks are the three most important subjects: education, transportation and health care. Williams said the lawmakers actually did more harm than good.
“We did all we could do to upset the three,” he said.
Williams was particularly frustrated with the group’s disregard for the state-funded public education system, which recently was forced to sustain a $3 billion cut.
“We’ve unfunded education by $3 billion in the past few years,” he said.
Flaws with Medicaid and an antiquated transportation system were also topics that weighed heavily in Williams’ address.
In addition to a lack of attention to certain topics, Williams also said he was upset with the behavior of those who participated in the session.
“We have now become a place for ideological threats,” he said, expounding on a government that he said relies too often on scare tactics. “Abortion, gay rights and gun control … we scare people with these.”
Williams called on community leaders to pay attention to their local representatives and to vote for those who will help improve the area for all citizens.
“We’re Twittering while Rome is burning,” he said.
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