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Watch: What happens when Jewish kids meet Santa for the first time
In this BuzzFeed video, Jewish kids conversed with Santa for the first time, and some serious hilarity took place. - photo by Payton Davis
A BuzzFeed video documenting Jewish children meeting Santa Claus for the first time shows regardless of the holiday people celebrate, they can find common ground on the true meaning intended for the celebrations.

There will be a bit of humor too, though, as exhibited in the conversations the kids have with Santa.

"Is his beard real?" a girl asks as the man in red walks out to meet her in an awkward exchange.

After a bit of tension between Santa and the children, the kids warm up, Taylor Pittman wrote for The Huffington Post. An explanation of why presents bring excitement but aren't most important indicates the messages of Christmas and Hanukkah might not be so different.

"It's not about presents. You need to be you and live life," one boy tells Santa in the clip. "If it means no presents and being with your family, sometimes you've got to live with it, you know?"

Still, Mustafa Gatollari noted for Distractify the video captures an aspect of Christmas kids who don't celebrate it might not envy too much.

"As a kid, I didn't grow up celebrating Christmas. I looked on with jealousy at the kids with throngs of gifts underneath a fabulous-looking tree in their living rooms," Gatollari wrote. "I cried to myself seeing them flaunt their new toys and clothes after the break. But I never really envied them for sitting on Santa's lap."
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